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HTEC Group is Expanding Its Presence in North Macedonia

Strategic growth brings new IT jobs in North Macedonia

April 26, 2021 – The representatives of HTEC Group met with the Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia, Mr Zoran Zaev, on Friday, April 23, to discuss the company’s investment plans and the Government’s strategy for supporting foreign investors in the IT sector. HTEC Group is a US technology consulting and development company that provides world class engineering, R&D and product development services in a broad range of industries such as core engineering, retail, logistics, medtech, fintech and others. HTEC currently employs over 800 engineers, with offices in the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Sweden and Slovenia, and development centers in four locations in Serbia and one in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Chief Operating Officer of HTEC Group, Mr. David Schoch, presented to Prime Minister Zaev the company’s ambitious investment plan in the region which includes setting up a development center in North Macedonia. “We believe that by providing unique career development opportunities, competitive compensation packages and a chance to work with leading global corporations on cutting edge technologies, we can open up a new avenue of possibility for North Macedonia’s top young talents and help the country’s efforts in combating economic labor migration”, said Mr. Schoch.

HTEC Group Opens an Office in North Macedonia

Prime Minister Zaev welcomed the investment and presented to HTEC Group the Government’s package of support to foreign investors, further highlighting the government’s commitment to strengthening the IT sector in North Macedonia. Besides incentives, the government has committed to lowering personal income tax in the IT sector from the current 10% to zero in 2021.

HTEC representatives in meeting:

David Schoch, COO

Niko Slavnič, CMO

Srdjan Jovanović, Director of People Operations

Katarina Urosević, Chief of Staff

The pandemic accelerated need for digital transformation across industries brings new and ever increasing opportunities for the companies like HTEC Group. To succeed in the increasingly competitive digital marketplace, organizations are seeking to expand their technology capabilities and develop new digital products to keep up with their customers and employees. HTEC Group works as an digitalization and innovation enabler, helping its clients keep ahead of the competition, while at the same time offering the most cutting-edge projects to work on and develop professionally to its employees.