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HTEC Group joins the Norwegian Offshore Wind network 

HTEC Group has become a proud member of Norwegian Offshore Wind (NOW), the largest industry cluster based in Norway that is dedicated to maximizing opportunities for the offshore wind industry and supporting the pan-European push toward clean and renewable energy.

As a member, HTEC joins a network of nearly 400 organizations spanning the development and supply chain aspects of the sector, with organizations ranging from innovative startups to large offshore wind developers. NOW aims to connect top-tier multi-industry development expertise with key offshore wind geographies and markets to establish world-leading supply chains in offshore wind, with a specialized focus on floating wind turbines. 

From maritime and supply chain logistics to telecommunications and connectivity, HTEC Group possesses broadscale technology solution engineering expertise and a proven track record in several domains highly relevant to offshore wind and renewable energy. In particular, HTEC Group’s broad expertise in IoT, data analytics, and AI, as well as its proven capacity for enabling organizations to adopt modern technologies can all serve as valuable assets to other members of the NOW network.  

Joining NOW creates an opportunity for HTEC to help advance renewable energy efforts across Europe by developing and deploying enterprise-grade technology solutions. This perfectly aligns with HTEC’s unwavering commitment to engineering a better future by harnessing the power of technology for maximum positive impact.  

Commenting on HTEC’s addition to the NOW network, Arvid Nesse, the CEO of NOW, said,

“The wind energy sector in the Norwegian region has been undergoing a tremendous transformation over the past decade. We are excited to expand our network in the offshore wind industry to also include international members, and warmly welcome accomplished members like HTEC Group, with a strong competence in digital platform engineering. We welcome HTEC and their team to NOW and are excited to see what we can accomplish together.” 

Arvid Nesse, CEO of Norwegian Offshore Wind

As the shift towards renewable and sustainable energy remains one of the most critical aspects of modern-day life, HTEC Group is proud and eager to lend its expertise to developing solutions that promote and accelerate the transition towards a sustainable future.