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HTEC Idea Marathon – Hack the Gender Gap: AI for All

HTEC continues to mark International Women’s Day by organizing a series of events focused on women. What are some of the challenges women face in the present-day world? How do the latest technologies fit the picture? Whether, how or why we should try to disturb the status quo? These are only some of the questions we are eager to explore. As always, we strive to take a critical standpoint, considering both the undoubtful benefits and the downsides, obvious and latent, that come along with the cutting edge.  

In last year’s HTEC Idea Marathon, we focused on female health and how we can leverage technology to improve women’s health outcomes. This year, we’ll focus on Artificial Intelligence and deep dive into how it affects (or even shapes) our reality. More precisely, the female segment of our society. 

AI: Where are we now 

The benefits AI brings are apparent and keep permeating more spheres of our lives by the day. The ability to analyze vast amounts of data at incredible speeds makes everything so much easier. Sometimes, we do not even stop to think about it. From movie recommendations to online shopping – sometimes we even feel AI knows what we want better than (and before) we do. It also simplifies numerous administrative tasks, bringing both speed and accuracy, as its precision is second to none. Not to mention its advantages in medicine, where it is not only used to diagnose various illnesses based on data anomalies (enjoy the well-deserved retirement, House M.D.) but has proven efficient in predicting certain conditions, such as cancer and stroke. AI’s speed and accuracy plus human creativity — sounds like an absolute win. 

But is it, really? Recent real-life examples have shown certain imperfections, to say the least. Whether it’s automatized AI-based recruitment algorithms that favor male CVs or women getting lower credit scores than men on AI-powered credit platforms – there is obviously some imbalance. But how does skewed data end up there? Are there legal frameworks that can alleviate it? And, most importantly, what can we do to de-bias it? 

HTEC panel and idea marathon: where are we heading 

These are only some of the questions that will be central to our panel discussion Hack the Gender Gap: AI for All”, featuring inspiring female leaders with vast experience in the tech industry. The panel will be followed by HTEC Idea Marathon, a 42-hour hackathon. Eight groups of female students will work with female HTEC mentors on conceptualizing technical solutions that leverage AI to address the gender gap. This will be a great opportunity for university students from all over the region engaged in different fields of study to get hands-on experience of what the path from ideation to the placement of a software solution looks like. In addition, they will be able to learn more about this exciting topic from some of the greatest minds in the industry. 

Following the hackathon, the international jury made up of our panelists will select the best solution. The winning team will be awarded MasterClass licenses and a session with Amanda Goltz, US Healthcare Lead for the Worldwide Public Sector Healthcare Venture Capital and Startups, Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amanda will hear their concept and pitch and give the girls valuable advice and feedback on how to improve their pitch, develop ideas, what to consider when talking to investors, how to approach go-to-market strategies and other topics. 

We invite all female students interested in our Idea Marathon to leverage this amazing opportunity to learn and grow. Join us and gain valuable practical experience through interaction with accomplished HTEC professionals and international female leaders from the tech sphere.  

Apply now! 

Applications are open from March 2–14 (until 12 PM – CET).