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HTEC Idea Marathon: The Starting Point of a Healthier Future

HTEC continues its celebrations of International Women’s Day with another event that focuses on the crucial issue of women’s health. The HTEC Idea Marathon – Strong Tech for Powerful Women is a brainstorming tour de force gathering young women from different fields of university studies on a mission to envision and develop technological health solutions for the future.

About the HTEC Idea Marathon

The HTEC Idea Marathon will take place on March 23 and 24. The event will unfold over the course of 42 hours, mirroring the 42-kilometer length of a marathon. Female students from fields of study such as humanities and social sciences, natural sciences, formal sciences and applied sciences at universities in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and North Macedonia will form multi-disciplinary teams and compete for the best Idea on how technology can improve women’s health outcomes.

The multicultural, cross-functional teams will be supported and guided by experienced HTEC mentors. The mentoring team will feature our female colleagues with diverse professional backgrounds and a wealth of hands-on experience in areas such as product design, project and product management, engineering, marketing, and other areas relevant to the entire process of software development – from ideas to products.

The Idea Marathon will help you think creatively and solve challenges related to women’s health, but also to understand what it takes for an idea to become a successful product, especially in Medical Technology, which is one of the fastest growing fields of research and development today.

All participants will receive a gift to remember their efforts and inspire them further in their careers. The winning team will have an opportunity to visit HTEC’s Belgrade office and spend a day with our engineering teams.

We are beyond excited to invite you to 42 hours of discovery, creativity, and learning.

Apply here!

Applications for the HTEC Idea Marathon will be open until March 18. Don’t be shy, we can’t wait to meet you!

Beyond International Women’s Day and accompanying activities, HTEC will continue to strive to encourage, empower, and enable women to assume their rightful place in the tech industry. We are looking forward to working alongside, on equal footing, towards creating a smarter, healthier, and better future for everyone.