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HTEC Project Management Level Up: From Knowledge to Excellence  

Knowledge has always been and will continue to be one of the key differentiators when it comes to driving organizational performance. With new ways of working, advanced technologies and shifts in workforce, we are opening doors to new ways of knowledge creation to help our colleagues maximize their potential at work and grow along the way. We need to rely on bullet-proof collaboration inside the company to see as many colleagues as possible get engaged, communicate and collaborate which will further impact our ability to innovate and the company’s overall service.  

This is why we kicked off an internal project known as Project Management Certification to find the best way to recognize excellence among our Project Managers, and further develop and preserve their unique capabilities. We bring you important information about this initiative so you would get a clear picture about the goals we are trying to achieve through our mutual effort.  


  • We recognized the need to keep pace with our industry, standards, and internal drive of our PM/SM’s to have a playground for not only constant implementation and validation of their ideas but also education and knowledge improvement in the areas of PM and SM, we decide to start this initiative.  
  • As the number of Project Managers (PM) and Scrum Masters (SM) is increasing (currently there are 46 PMs and SMs), we have high ambitions to move beyond number 50 ‘till the end of this year and keep on growing in the years ahead of us.  
  • Following our HTEC Group mission: Our mission is to provide exceptional consulting and technology development services to enable our customers to become digital leaders in their industries and, in doing so, to create an environment that enables our employees to achieve their maximum professional potential. 
  • Following our values: Grow yourself by growing others and keep learning along the way. 


After receiving feedback, HTEC Engineering and Delivery, PMO and Career Development Office recognized the need and is ready to offer Project Management/Scrum Master certificates to all PM/SM in 2022: 

  • PSM I certificate  
  • PMI PMP certificate  
  • SAFe, LeSS, Nexus trainings and certifications  


We are creating an annual plan for certification of HTEC Project Managers and Scrum Masters. The final version should be completed at the beginning of 2022.  


Adding to this are words from our Workgroup for education, training, and certification leader Dragan Vukelic: “For each quarter in 2022 we will create study groups that will focus on providing guidance and clarification for people progressing through the certification process. As soon as one group finishes, another one will start.  

With these study groups, we see a way to provide support and guidance that we wish we had when we were first starting on this journey.” 

As our Head of PMO Marko Pavlovic: “Sharing knowledge among certification process participants is as well important as a certificate itself. In addition to this, we will address the need to train and scale up our own HTEC in-house Agile experts and coaches to enable HTEC cross-departmental pollination of knowledge. 

Benefits of Project Management Certification Programme  

Besides seeking much needed talent, we recognize how important, beneficial and cost-effective it is to develop our existing employees. It’s a win-win.  

The top benefits of this programme are: 

  • Common vocabulary decoupled from Geo locations. A single point of truth. 
  • It keeps us in line with latest industry trends. 
  • It enables management projects in a more structured way. 
  • Client’s recognition of the global PM certificates. 
  • It enables learning in a a more structured and focused way. 

Pivoting Ahead  

We are not stopping here. With the burning enthusiasm to provide our colleagues with an opportunity to learn and acquire new skills and gain the professional knowledge required to progress their careers, we came up with many new PMO activities and initiatives for education, training, and certification of our colleagues. Some of them are already in progress. They include:  

  • HTEC PM/ SM Community of Agile Practices 
  • First ever HTEC PM/SM podcast episodes 
  • Tailored workshops to cover project initiation, risk management, stakeholder management, SDLC through the PM prism, sales – farming activities, etc. 
  • Project management and Scrum Master specific book club gathering 

To be able to take advantage of emerging technologies, we need to be able to support the technology, and the processes, incentives, and nurture culture that encourage people to use it. Through these initiatives our colleagues will be able to improve knowledge in ways that will allow them to drive tangible results.