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HTEC Subotica – 50 People Strong and Growing

Driven by incredible opportunities to work on global engineering projects, HTEC Group continues to expand its presence in Southeast Europe. One of the regional HTEC development centers in Subotica has been successfully scaling its team over the last five years. Founded as Execom Nord back in 2016, as a subsidiary company of Execom from Novi Sad, and acquired by HTEC Group in 2020, the Subotica office became a great place to work. After HTEC acquired Execom, the Subotica team grew and from the first day got to implement one of the main values of HTEC Group: grow yourself by growing others. 

Bojan Djurić, one of the founders of the Subotica development center, points out: 

We’re happy to say that in the last five years, the majority of developers who joined us in their first job have now become senior developers, and they’re still working with us. We’re proud of our Subotica team, and we’re looking forward to our future challenges and achievements. We will continue to grow, with the mission to bring premium software development services to our clients and be proud members of the HTEC family.” 

You can read more about the HTEC development center in Subotica here 

The recently announced $140M Investment from Brighton Park will help accelerate our growth not just by opening new development centers in new geographies, but by supporting the growth of our current teams (including our office in Subotica) and driving global expansion. The investment is a testament to the quality of our work and the value we bring to clients, but also to the trust of world-leading investors and companies in the potential and talent that thrives in our region.  

HTEC is a place where talented and hard-working people from Subotica and the surrounding areas can contribute to building the first Serbian unicorn company and work on global projects while enjoying all the benefits of life in Subotica. When Saša Bungin and I founded Execom Nord, with tremendous support from Execom, one of our main drivers was to enable people from Subotica to work for a top-quality software company, as well as to establish their presence in a global marketplace. With HTEC Group, that goal has already been exceeded, as our teams work on state-of-the-art solutions for the world’s major companies. This enables the continuous growth of every individual. Some of our future plans include office space expansion by 1,000 square metres and hiring new people. Thanks to an extraordinary cooperation with Subotica Tech – College of Applied Sciences (whose computer lab we equipped) and the Faculty of Economics, where we frequently organise guest lectures, visits and internships, as well as our effort to attract the most aspiring young engineers—we have no doubt that our project in Subotica will succeed,” said Bojan Đurić, one of the co-founders of HTEC in Subotica.

HTEC Subotica — 50 People Strong and Growing: Bojan Djuric

Dejan Igumanović, our Delivery Lead and C++ Engineer, and Teodora Drinić, a recent graduate from the IT department of the Faculty of Economics in Subotica, who recently joined HTEC as a Software Developer, shared their impressions of our company. 

HTEC works with major, industry-leading companies from all over the world. This gives us a chance to work on various challenging and innovative projects, right in our home town of Subotica,” said Dejan. 

HTEC Subotica — 50 People Strong and Growing : Dejan Igumanovic

HTEC provides extraordinary opportunities for junior engineers to keep gaining new knowledge in their areas of interest and grow at an amazing pace by involving them in real projects, guided by their more experienced colleagues and mentors. A great atmosphere and amazing colleagues are always there to help make the learning process and entering the IT sphere a lot easier”, said Teodora. 

HTEC Subotica — 50 People Strong and Growing: Teodora Drinic

We concluded the conversation with Branko Ilić, Delivery Lead and Senior Software Developer, who has been with the company from the very beginning.  

“When HTEC opened its office in Subotica, it enabled people from our town to work on an entirely new level compared to the opportunities we had before. The clients we work with are often leaders in their industry, which enables us to take part in quite challenging, but at the same very well-organized projects. As the company grows, there is also an opportunity for personal growth, guided by our own competencies and affinities. To give you my personal example, soon after I joined HTEC, I got the chance to not only improve my technical skills, but also to lead my own team on a project. I’m eager to see how HTEC will keep growing in the future, and I’m looking forward to the new opportunities that await us,” said Branko.  

HTEC Subotica — 50 People Strong and Growing: Branko Ilic

At the moment, HTEC has over 250 open positions and is actively hiring around 70 professionals in product consulting, design, and engineering every month at all our locations.  


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