Mar 24, 2023

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The Power of Unrealistic Goals: Insights from Tom Stallings at MnTech Tech Talk

The Power of Unrealistic Goals: Insights from Tom Stallings at MnTech Talk - HTEC Group

We’re excited to announce that Tom Stallings, Global VP of Business Development at HTEC Group, will be giving a talk at the upcoming MnTech Tech Talk organized by Minnesota Technology Association 

About this event  

For more than 30 years, the Minnesota Technology Association has helped Minnesota’s technology-driven companies achieve the greatest success by providing them easier access to exceptional talent, dedicated public policy advocates, and a chance to be a part of an innovative, inclusive technology community. This has helped Minnesota technology-driven businesses, professionals, and communities to thrive.  

One of the issues Minnesota technology-driven businesses face is the inability to fill roles with available talent — managers are under pressure to produce results and rarely have time to train, mentor, and support young technologists to close these gaps. 

The upcoming MnTech Tech Talk named Building Your Future Workforce: How Technology Leaders are Adapting and Investing to Solve the Talent Crisis will delve into this burning issue with an aim to inspire hiring managers and technology leaders into action with new ideas and approaches. 

In short “Ted Talk”-style presentations, local technology and talent leaders will share the creative approaches they have employed to secure the skills they need to get the job done, while also addressing the diversity divide. The presentations will be followed by a moderated panel discussion, audience Q&A, and networking.  

Time: March 30 | 4:30 to 7:30 pm CST  

Venue: University of St. Thomas Schulze Hall (Minneapolis Campus) 

Register here 

About the speaker  

The Power of Unrealistic Goals: Insights from Tom Stallings at MnTech Talk HTEC Group

Tom Stallings, Global VP of Business Development at HTEC Group, has a combined leadership experience of 28+ years in sales strategy, commercial and business development, building high performing teams, marketing, recruiting, hiring and training across professional services, technology advisory services and software as a service industry. Before joining HTEC, he led Thoughtwork’s business development, commercial strategy and focus to grow their work with digital scale up companies while building strong partnerships with some of the top Private Equity (PE) organizations and their portfolio companies. In his current role at HTEC Group, he is leading all business development team members, growth on existing clients and new logo acquisition. Additionally, he’s responsible for lead qualification and shaping, outbound strategy, partnership exploration, direct marketing and lead generation, sales training and methodology enforcement, alignment with technical and delivery leaders to drive evolution of the HTEC GTM offerings and value delivery for clients. 

Connect with Tom Stallings 

About the topic — “The power of unrealistic goals” 

Great company growth brings a number of complex challenges requiring companies to get out of their comfort zone and explore different ways to move their own boundaries and achieve something seemingly unachievable. The story of HTEC is the story of setting and achieving unrealistic goals, where people are driven by a common mission – to forego common industry wisdom, shift their mindset and think outside of the box to be able to thrive continuously and make extraordinary impact on the world. In this inaugural “Tech Talk”, Tom will tell a story of how HTEC has grown from a company of 200 hundred to 2000+ employees, and dive deeper into the challenges we had to overcome on this winding road to achieve success.  

About Us  

HTEC Group is a global digital product development and engineering services firm powering the technological evolution of the world’s most impactful organizations – from disruptive startups to Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia, the company is now headquartered in San Francisco, with more than 2,000 experts spread across the traditional engineering hotspots of Central and Southeast Europe and consulting, innovation, and product design offices in Silicon Valley, New York, and London. With the highest level of expertise and extensive experience in a multitude of business domains – including Healthcare, Retail, Transportation and Smart Mobility, Logistics, FinTech, Green Energy, Media, and Deep Technology – HTEC is both an ideal technology partner for its clients and the ultimate growth platform for its employees. 

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Hi there, I'm Maya - a senior content writer at HTEC. My passion is to write about the world of tech, latest digital wonders and stories about creative super-minds who have been moving the boundaries of science and making tectonic changes across industries.

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