Jan 05, 2023

2 min read

HTEC & Insightec: Accelerating Medical Devices Innovation through Strategic Partnership

HTEC Group and Insightec

As a company whose ambition is to develop transformative solutions, we strive to build partnerships that will accelerate impact across industries, bring long-lasting value and push boundaries of what technologies can do for global businesses of tomorrow. One of our key focuses is medical and health industry, where we leverage our deep domain expertise to work on the most challenging projects that will help our clients overwhelmingly succeed in providing better health outcomes for patients around the world.   

We recently partnered with Insightec, a global leader in guided focus ultrasound treatment, to rapidly explore and develop medical solutions for their existing technology.  

HTEC Group and Insightec

Exablate Neuro, Focused Ultrasound platform for treating Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease (Source: https://insightec.com/exablate-neuro/) 

From the beginning, we were impressed with HTEC’s extraordinary commitment to technology, passion for solving the most complex challenges, and mission to help build transformative medical solutions that will yield positive outcomes. With highly qualified domain expertise, long experience at the forefront of innovation, and a unique agile approach, HTEC is a best-in-class partner that helped us empower our vision and bring our innovative ideas to life.”   

— Mor Dayan, Vice President – Upstream Marketing, Insightec

HTEC has proved it can be a good, reliable, quick partner on the hardest of technological challenges:  

HTEC working with Insightec feels natural. There’s a good reason Insightec is a market leader: they have a relentless focus on making an impact for patients using cutting-edge technology and a great product market fit. The ability to rapidly find partners to address and test new ideas in the market, while maintaining a core proprietary capability is essential. In order to accomplish this, a company needs a flexible domain knowledge and expertise to quickly and seamlessly pick up on opportunities to move forward. Insightec is one of the companies that recognized this roadblock and approached us to help them with R&D efforts. HTEC enjoys delivering solutions to these challenging problems in the medical and HealthTech domain enabling new idea validation and accelerated product launches.”   

Sava Marinkovich, Head of HealthTech at HTEC Group

To learn more about how we empower companies of the future to drive value creation across industries and bring their vision for growth to life, visit our success stories page or reach out to our team of experts. What’s your next step? Talk to us.   

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