Jul 30, 2019

HTEC Launches a Robotics Project with the Support of the Innovation Fund

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The project is supported through the Collaborative Grant Scheme Program, which is designed to incentivize the collaboration between the private sector companies and public sector R&D organizations, and engage them in joint research and development projects.

The “Three-Finger HRC Robotic Hand” project is being realized in a consortium of four members – HTEC Group, the Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad, Sigmoid doo and the Faculty of Electronic Engineering Nis. This newly developed technology aims to solve specific problems of online retailers through the design of a robotic hand suitable for human-robot collaboration and application in automated industry storages.

Darko Todorovic, Head of R&D at HTEC, shared: “HTEC as a technology leader has already successfully implemented various projects in the domain of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science, thus improving the organizational processes in different industries and proving that technology is the enabler of business growth and not the bottleneck. We are excited to be working on this project and looking forward to disrupting yet another industry. Answering this challenge will set a milestone in the robotization of order packaging.”

With this program, the Innovation Fund aims to provide financial assistance to innovative technological projects with a clear vision of development and defined business model and commercialization strategy. The project will be developed by the consortium in the next two years, during which it will also enter the commercialization phase. The final goal is to create new products and services and develop innovative technologies with significant future impact and market potential.

*Photo from the award ceremony organized by the Innovation Fund Serbia

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