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IT Bootcamp & HTEC Group: Opening Doors to the World of IT

The IT industry has seen unprecedented growth in Serbia and has significantly impacted people’s interests and their further career choice. Many would like to become a part of this new world of opportunities. Unfortunately, they are not qualified enough to make the first step because they have not had a formal education in computer sciences or are having difficulties keeping up with the trends.

IT Bootcamp was born as an IT school in collaboration with Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. It aims to provide free knowledge to people who have not had a chance to acquire formal IT knowledge. The initiative is supported by foreign donations. 

HTEC Group has been nurturing an excellent collaboration with IT Bootcamp for years. Several of our colleagues have been given a chance to show these young learners what we do, our Junior Development Program, and encourage your talents to stay persistent and never give up on their dreams. 

Recently, two of our colleagues, Milos Najdanovic, QA Tech Lead at HTEC Group, and Ivana Blagojevic, Recruiter at HTEC Group, had a chance to take part in discussion with the students of the summer QA course in Niš, Kragujevac, Novi Sad and shared tips and tricks on career development. We asked them to share their impressions:

Milos Najdanovic, QA Tech Lead at HTEC Group:

“We were invited by IT Bootcamp to present our company and the program we offer, as well as to talk about our collaboration with IT Bootcamp. I believe that the best thing about this IT initiative is that it provides candidates with a good knowledge base. Our goal is to empower these young minds with more knowledge and tech skills to be fully ready for what lies ahead in our internship program — Junior Development Program. We call this Reinforcement. Through this initiative, we want to provide these young strengths with the necessary skills so they can provide value and shine in their future career, be it in HTEC or some other company. 

I think that IT Bootcamp is a great school initiated by professionals ready to invest in young people’s knowledge and bring collaboration with other companies to a higher level. It provides young people with a good knowledge base to enter some internship programs where, in collaboration with mentors and colleagues, they can gain all the necessary tech skills to advance their careers. The presentation was great, especially because we discussed many interesting questions. I sure hope this collaboration between HTEC and IT Bootcamp will continue to thrive as it gives everyone a world of opportunities to grow! It’s definitely a win-win situation.”

Ivana Blagojevic, Recruiter at HTEC Group:

“Cooperation with IT Bootcamp is of great importance to us in a sense that, through its well-organized courses, it prepares IT enthusiasts to join our teams and attend different types of development programs. Usually, these candidates are fast learners with a good base knowledge, and a potential to improve their skills quickly, and even take up the role of a mentor in future.”

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