The passion for solving complex engineering problems was embedded in the DNA of the company from the beginning.

HTEC was founded in Belgrade, Serbia in 2008 with the goal of creating an innovation and technology R&D center that would attract the top talent from Central and Eastern Europe, and partner with global-leading technology companies and research organizations.

Aleksandar Cabrilo



Aleksandar founded HTEC in 2008, focusing on business development, fundraising, and strategic management. He worked for Dutch company Silicon Hive, a semiconductor industry IP provider and a Philips research spin-off, acquired by Intel Corporation in 2010. He is the president of the Serbian Business Angels Network (SBAN) and a member of the Board of Directors at the European Business Angels Network (EBAN). Aleksandar graduated at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade.

Andrija Bednarik



Andrija is a partner and the Operations Director at HTEC. Before joining HTEC in 2011, he was the Export and Foreign Direct Investment Advisor in ICT sector in SIEPA (Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency). Andrija is a member of the ICT sector group of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) within EU Commission, fostering business ventures between ICT companies globally. He is the co-founder of the Serbian Business Angels Network, where he is still active as GM. Andrija graduated from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Dusan Kosic



Dusan is a partner and the Finance Director at HTEC, responsible for partner relations in Joint Ventures. Before he became a partner at HTEC in 2011, he was the Foreign Direct Investment Advisor at SIEPA (Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency) and the Fund Manager at the Innovation Fund in Serbia. He is an active member at the Serbian Business Angels Network Dusan graduated at St. John’s University in the USA, and holds an EMBA from Cotrugli Business School.

Vladimir Trbovic

Head of Software Engineering


Aside from being an architect for the company’s in-house software solutions, Vladimir is an Account Manager responsible for client relations and technology implementation with some of the major clients of the company. Before joining HTEC in 2012, Vladimir was responsible for R&D at Serbian company Geneko, producing networking equipment, M2M and POS/Fiscal solutions with global reach. Vladimir graduated at the Faculty of Organizational Science, University of Belgrade.

Srdjan Jovanovic

Head of Hardware and Embedded Engineering


As the Organization and Account Manager, Srdjan is responsible for the organization of the development processes in HTEC, as well as client relations and technology implementation with some of the major clients of the company. Before joining HTEC in 2012, Srdjan was responsible for R&D at German company LMB development center in Serbia, which produces high-end medical electronics for global markets. Srdjan was in charge of managing an electronics course at Petnica Science Center and participated in the education of talented children from 1999. Srdjan graduated Electronics at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Niš.

Darko Todorovic

Head of R&D


Aside from managing teams and office operations, Darko is an Account Manager responsible for client relations and technology implementation. Darko joined HTEC in 2012 when the branch office of the company was opened in Nis. He is responsible for the operations of the HTEC’s Nis Development Center.  Darko graduated at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis, where he finished his Ph.D. studies and is currently active as a teaching assistant at the Department of Control Systems. He is also an active member of the Robotics Laboratory at the University of Nis.

Tony DeFranceschi

Management Consulting Lead


Tony is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, and management consultant. Working as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, Tony has led consulting projects for both technology startups and multiple Fortune 500 Companies. These included corporate strategy, new market entry, channel strategy, sales and operations optimization, M&A, and new business building. Tony has also co-founded three successful technology startups. In addition to a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, Tony has advanced degrees in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering and an MBA in Management. He has done graduate work in neural networks with the aim of developing non-linear control systems (funded by Department of Defense and Office of Naval Research).

Vera Kenehan

Innovation and Digital Transformation


Vera is a Stanford GSB graduate and an executive with more than 15 years of global experience in strategy and post-M&A integration. She has been leading and scaling software product organizations while launching technologies at the intersection of Mobile, Telecom, and Media. With the unique combination of leadership skills, technical proficiency, and business background, Vera is currently supporting numerous early-stage entrepreneurs to refine their product market fit and consequently scale. She is also mentoring startups at the famous Steve Blank's Lean Launchpad class. Vera holds MSc in Management as well as MSc in EE.

Daniel Bobroff

Head of Digital Retail


Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading retail technology speakers, Daniel delivers keynotes on the digitization of retail and the ever-changing customer experience. His unusual journey has led to a unique perspective that informs many of the world’s best-known retailers, agencies, and brands. Daniel is also the founder of Coded Futures, a creative technology advisory firm focused on the future of retail, and the former Investment Director of ASOS Ventures, the company’s VC division. Daniel is the Head of Retail Technologies for HTEC and has spent over two decades as an innovator, entrepreneur, advisor, and investor.

Daniel Whalen

Partner and Advisor

Dan is an active philanthropist, business and social entrepreneur, and a private investor. He founded or co-founded several successful businesses serving telecommunication firms, and also founded or helped transform a number of non-profit and non-governmental organizations in the US and overseas. Dan’s public sector career included stints as a manager of an election campaign; an analyst with the US Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; a manager with the Institute of Medicine; a management consultant; a director of health planning for New York state and health policy specialist for the Governor of West Virginia. Dan received an undergraduate degree from Saint John's University in Minnesota, and MBA and AM from Stanford University.

Maya Migotti

Business Development


Maya has more than 15 years of senior executive leadership experience. Having tested her skills in diverse environments, she has proven her ability to conceptualize solutions to a broad spectrum of management challenges. She held the EVP position for Marvell's networking and wireless semiconductor products and solutions, previously holding several VP positions in Ericsson in Scandinavia and California. Maya was a board member for Ericsson Finland and Ericsson Germany and she is a current board member of Watermark Organization, Telecom Council, and ACG Silicon Valley. Maya supports the HTEC’s business development activities in California and Scandinavia, focusing on telecommunications, networking and semiconductor industry.

Frank Harder



Frank is a results-driven Business Technology Executive with a broad experience in Global Sales, Marketing, Strategy and P/L functions. Before joining HTEC as a business development consultant in the USA, Frank was a VP at Samsung Strategy and Innovation, IoT. Frank has a proven track record in building and sustaining several $100M businesses in the tech industry with a strong focus on end user benefits, and improved and measurable outcome. He is a seasoned investor in disruptive startup technologies and business companies, raising successfully seeds and A-rounds for startups.  Frank is mentoring, building and scaling global high-performance teams in business and technology areas, and is a guest Lecturer at UCLA, SJ State, and German universities.

Daniel Clemens



Daniel has been a Senior Business Manager at Google since 2009. Prior to this engagement, Daniel co-founded AppJet, which Google then acquired in 2009. He is also an investor and an advisor for several startups, including ZenPayroll, AirBnB, Doctor on Demand. Daniel specializes in building real value in a company. He is a graduate of Yale.

Predrag Pivarski

Branch Manager


Predrag is the branch manager of the HTEC development center in Novi Sad. Before joining HTEC in 2016, Predrag was engaged as an Automotive Project Manager in RT-RK LLC, as the leader of several cutting-edge Automotive projects. As an experienced Project Manager with a solid background in business and finance, he is responsible for in-house developed projects, program and portfolio management and client relationships. Predrag graduated from the Faculty of Economics, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.