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[Medical Alley Webinar] Imperfect Use of AI in the Clinical Pathway

In the recent webinar organized by Medical Alley Association and powered by HTEC Group, Sava Marinkovic, Head of Healthtech Practice at HTEC Group and other thought-leaders in AI and healthcare, Paul Mullen, General Manager, Acute Care, GE Healthcare and Sam Roosz, Crescendo Health (formerly DataVant) discussed the questions that surround AI in the clinical pathway and whether healthcare organizations can gather enough data from various sources to provide accurate results. 

Listen to the webinar to learn more about: 

  • The proper role of AI in the clinical pathway
  • Where AI shouldn’t be used in the clinical pathway
  • How AI should be designed and implemented in the clinical pathway
  • Whether AI is overhyped and in what medical 
  • Whether we need ML if we create a good medical expert device
  • The importance of transparency on how AI models are developed 
  • Hidden risks of data 

Watch the video. 

About the speakers

Sava Marinkovich, Head of Healthtech Practice, HTEC Group Inc., leads the Healthtech and MedTech practices at HTEC Group, a global consulting, product development and digital platform engineering company headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, UK, Scandinavia, and the Netherlands.

Sava is a veteran healthtech executive with extensive product, strategy, and investment experience. Early career foundation at GE Healthcare, Sava has built and launched multiple consumer and medical devices from concept to manufacturing and market.

Sam Roosz is co-founder and CEO of Crescendo Health, a healthcare technology company focused on empowering patients to contribute their data to clinical trials. Most recently, Sam co-founded Datavant, the leading provider of de-identification and linking solutions for health data.  Sam received a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Harvard and holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Paul Mullen‘s résumé is nearly entirely filled with experience at GE Healthcare, completing 38 years of service with the company in December 2021. But his organizational experience extends far beyond the strictly corporate world: Paul is a founding Partner of Frontera Business Services, a company that provides transaction processing and donor relationship management support to small- and medium-sized NGOs that raise money in the USA. He serves as board member or board advisor to several NGOs and community organizations.