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Case Study: Rebuilding an ERP System for Housing Associations  

About the project

Known for its exceptional expertise in delivering cutting-edge ERP systems tailored specifically for corporations, our client was founded by a team of passionate individuals with extensive backgrounds in both ICT and the intricate business processes of housing associations. This company embarked on a journey to craft a revolutionary management solution tailored exclusively for these associations. 


The solution, serving as the comprehensive business information system for housing associations and property managers and actively, utilized by over 200 users daily, demanded alignment with the latest technology standards. The swiftly evolving landscape of the IT industry, coupled with the burgeoning market demands, created the necessity for an upgrade of the system’s features. The client’s primary aim was crystal clear — to craft new code for all modules using a tailor-made framework

However, the challenge at hand was to preserve the core features while enhancing the system, all the while safeguarding its fundamental functionalities. This is when the client kicked off the long-term collaboration with HTEC Group to digitally upgrade and modernize the entire system, its capabilities, and operations. 

Software that is so long in production is like an old guy. It is not that performant anymore; Its code and used technology stack are usually not so exciting to young developers and maintaining it can be tiresome. But, it managed to support the business for many years and did bring a large income to the company. Replacing it just because it is old usually turns out to be not that easy or wise thing to do.

It has to be treated with respect. Establishing the framework for gradual migration and improving the code by replacing modules one by one is sometimes the best way to introduce next-gen solutions while keeping large systems in production 24/7, with a constant urge to answer the demanding market needs.” 

– Vladimir Mijić

Senior Engineering & Delivery Manager at HTEC Group 


Modernizing ERP system for housing associations 

The team started by evaluating the innovative framework, designed to enhance user experience and streamline software development processes. 

Our initial mission was to scrutinize the framework’s capabilities and user-friendliness by creating new financial modules for this solution. The success of this implementation marked the beginning of project expansion, with HTEC stepping into the role of the primary development partner. Our dedicated team was committed to not only crafting new features but also maintaining the entirety of the ERP system in real estate close collaboration with the client’s own IT team. 

At the outset, knowledge transfer to HTEC teams was paramount. 

The challenge at hand was to not only preserve the core features but also elevate the system, keeping up the main functionalities intact through the development of new financial modules. 

These modules encompassed a wide array of functionalities: 

  • Complete and flexible business information based on web technologies  
  • Full integration into a central database  
  • A complete mobile solution for field staff  
  • Usage of Finance long prognosis, value calculations and cash flows 
  • Integration with MS Office products  
  • Authorization at all levels  
  • Workflow and case management  
  • Screen customization  

Since the financial modules of the system were based on the extensions wrapped around the third-party financial product, our team embarked on the integral task of reverse engineering this product and seamlessly transitioning its existing desktop client application code into a web module fully integrated into the main ERP portal.  

What sets this framework apart is its remarkable flexibility, allowing its components to be linked to the meta-model of the app. This dynamic integration enables the on-the-fly generation of screens and the complete reuse of business logic stored within database packages. 

Throughout this challenging journey, our commitment to open and consistent communication remained unchanged, paving the way for a harmonious and efficient work environment.

Agile development, particularly the Scrum methodology, played a pivotal role in managing and coordinating our distributed teams. Daily video meetings, detailed reporting, and a meticulous breakdown of tasks facilitated the smooth progress of our development efforts. 

In this collaborative endeavor, HTEC and the client stood as a united front, striving for excellence and innovation.   


The true partnership with our client yielded remarkable results. Together, we developed a custom framework and crafted a solution architecture that brought the ability to generate screens on the fly and harness the full potential of business logic residing in database packages. This significantly reduced our client’s time-to-market, providing them with a competitive edge in the market. 

But that’s not all. Our collaboration also birthed a robust solution tailored specifically for general housing associations, capable of seamlessly handling high levels of data complexity. The driving force behind this success was the unwavering cooperation among trained teams of professionals.

This synergy not only facilitated the acquisition of substantial knowledge and experience in the business domain but also allowed us to shape distributed teams that operate seamlessly within the principles of the Scrum development methodology. 

As a result, the entire solution has propelled the client closer to its ultimate goal: delivering unparalleled ERP system services to end-users. Our partnership stands as a testament to what can be achieved when expertise, innovation, and collaboration converge. 

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