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Notes from HTEC’s Annual Leadership Gathering: Bojana Noskov

For this installment of our series of follow-up interviews from HTEC’s annual leadership meeting, we had the pleasure of chatting with Bojana Noskov. As the Director of Legal, Bojana continues to lead the team laying the foundation for HTEC’s international expansion.  

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What has been your strongest impression from the leadership gathering? 

My main impressions and conclusions from the gathering are all about growth. One could see and feel at every step just how much HTEC has grown in many different positive ways in a very short time. And when I’m referring to growth, I don’t just mean the measurable company growth displayed through figures. Instead, I’m referring more to the growth of the people and their mutual relationships, collaboration, professional relationships, and compassion. These things are impossible to measure and quantify, but they are extremely important, as they are the foundation of our success. The number of participants at the gathering has grown significantly since last year, and it was great to see that those values are still as strong as ever.  

Another impression is that people were really interested in listening to each other, understanding one another’s challenges, obstacles, and successes in the past, as well as future goals. It was a great opportunity for people to realize how important it is to have a strong and healthy cross-department collaboration between different business units within the company. HTEC’s further growth is possible only if we are all aligned and if we act as joined forces. 

You are in charge of HTEC’s legal team, which plays an important behind-the-scenes role in HTEC’s expansion. How has the company’s growth impacted you and your team, and what is the change you have seen over the past two or so years? 

I believe not only that our individual personal and professional growth and investment in ourselves contributes to the company growth, but vice versa as well. The kind of growth we are currently experiencing provides immense possibilities for people to develop themselves in many different ways and to grow further. The magnitude of these possibilities is the biggest and most important change.  

The same goes for my specific experience. I gathered quite a lot of professional experience before I joined HTEC, but this kind of rapidly scaling business environment provides me with a chance each day to deal with many different and interesting professional opportunities and tasks. Of course, this can be challenging in terms of the workload and a wide variety of matters the team has to shuffle on a daily basis, but at the end of the day, I can say that we’re working with great people and the support and understanding of the whole organization. It’s impossible to feel anything other than satisfaction for both the company’s and my own professional growth. 

The leadership meeting has been chock-full of insightful talks across all business units

What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your work at HTEC? 

There are many specific challenges related to legal matters, but the general one that I would like to highlight has been preserving the culture and the mindset on which HTEC was built as the number of people grows at a dynamic pace. Culture and values are not merely abstract terms—they result in unique principles and ways of working that contribute to the success of any organization. HTEC’s unique culture was one of the most important factors that brought us to where we are. Accordingly, exposing new team members across different business units within the company to the shared culture is crucial for our continued success.  

The legal team has tripled in a relatively short time, and we have made a focused effort to demonstrate and celebrate team spirit, to always be collaborative, not just among our team members but with other departments as well. We always try to provide support and also receive feedback from other departments. It’s about trying to be a good colleague and acting with compassion and understanding in many different situations, and it starts with the human connection. Thats why, even though all of us have a very tight schedule, we do our best to have lunch together every day. The existence of team spirit makes our everyday work easier, and I believe it is reflected in our work and the performance of the entire company.  

How would you describe HTEC’s defining qualities to anyone considering becoming a part of the team? 

I believe that HTEC is a place where people are recognized as the main company asset. Its not just a word on paper—mutual support and cooperation are visible within all layers of the organization. On top of that, our growth creates a ton of exciting professional opportunities across all departments, where every individual can have a unique career experience and chart their future professional journey. The combination of these two factors creates a healthy and inspiring work environment which I am sure many will wish to experience.