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Parenthood or Career? At HTEC, We Choose Both!

Finding a balance between career and parenthood has lately become a true million-dollar question. Or to be more precise, a 67 million search results question. Sadly, for many of today’s professionals, the question of career and parenthood is increasingly becoming an “either/or” proposition. The anxiety over job security, financial doubts, the fear of career stagnation, and time management concerns are just some of the obstacles that both new and prospective parents often need to tackle, frequently causing deep distress and leading them to envision an endless number of “what-if” scenarios.  

At HTEC, life does not need to be put on hold while a career is happening. We do not believe in “what-if” scenarios. We believe in family life and careers going hand-in-hand. In making the journey into parenthood what it should be—a beautiful adventure.  

That’s why we have prepared a set of parent benefits for those brave enough to embark: 

  • 6-hour workdays for moms until their babies turn 18 months 👶  

We know moms returning from maternity leave struggle to find the balance between work and their little ones. Will I have enough time for everything? Will I be there for the first step? The first word? The first attempt at sipping from a grownup’s cup? Don’t worry, moms, we got you covered! We know how precious those moments are, so we want to help you be there as much as possible. And as for that first sip from a grownup’s cup, don’t sweat itit’s going to be an epic failure anyway. 😉 

  • Full salary during your maternity leave in case it exceeds the amount paid by the state 

We all need stability, especially in what might well be the most unpredictable period in our lives. And with so many unknowns to think about daily, financial stability can give us at least some peace of mind. Admittedly, it can’t buy a long night’s sleep, but we can’t really have it all, can we now?  

In case your government-paid maternity leave is lower than your current salary at the moment your maternity starts, HTEC will cover the entire difference. It’s only fair. 

  • 10 days off for new dads + twenty 6-hour workdays 

Having someone to lean on from the day the baby arrives home is crucial, especially in the first couple of weeks. That’s why we believe Team Family should be together to welcome the precious newcomer (or, for those exceptionally lucky, newcomers). 😊 And even though they rarely talk about it in public, dads do have some secret “know-how” when it comes to taking care of their tiny ones. Off you go, dads. There’s someone who needs you more than we do now 🦸‍♂️ 

Here is what our real-life superheroes had to say about these benefits: 

As someone who is constantly trying to be a great mom while staying devoted to my job, I am deeply thankful to HTEC for enabling me to have 6-hour workdays until my baby turned 18 months. Being at a highly responsible position at a company that is growing so fast and still manage to stay devoted to my family not only during, but also after maternity leave may appear quite challenging—but these benefits really made it a lot easier. Once again, HTEC proves its commitment to the people-first approach!” – Ana Prokić, Head of Operational Excellence 

“I have been with HTEC for 9 years now, and as a father of three, what I appreciate the most is the parent benefits I got. Bonding with your baby in the first few weeks is something you can never really make up for later. Also, the additional hours and days I got off work gave my wife more time to recover from childbirth while I took care of the kids, creating a strong foundation for the future.” – Dragomir Krstić, Senior Software Engineer, Technology Lead 

“Returning to work after my second child was born, I expected to feel overwhelmed by everything that had happened at the company in my absence. However, coming back to a six-hour working day made this transition far less stressful, and every day, I was able to go back to my mommy duties still full of energy. With our flexible working hours, I was able to both spend quality time with my boys when they needed me the most and still be my professional self without missing out on work.” – Jelena Danilović, Discourse Editor  

“Every day around 3 pm, I get to pick up my son from his grandparents, after which we can have our daily bike ride. Being able to spend 5-6 hours with him every afternoon before he goes to bed gives me the opportunity to notice all the milestones he has accomplished while I was away. The feeling that my team is going to support, understand, and respect my need to be there for him is what matters the most. It assures me that HTEC really cherishes family values. Although my position at the company carries a lot of responsibility and important things to be done, I feel completely empowered as a mom to do it in a way that feels perfectly right and natural.”  Maja Čolak, Head of Marketing Operations