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Photonica 2021: On the Cutting-Edge of Cutting-Edge Research 

Recently, Marko Zdravkovski and David Senicic had a chance to attend PHOTONICA2021, International School and Conference on Photonics organised by SANU (the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts) and the Ministry of education, science and technological development and sponsored by HTEC Group. It took place in Belgrade, between August 23 and August 27. 

This event was an amazing opportunity to hear contributed talks, listen to keynote and invited lectures, network and exchange ideas and knowledge in cutting-edge research in the US, Europe and beyond. Photonica brings together not only the brightest minds in the field of science from academic and government research institutions, but also a number of partners from the high-tech industry who share the latest innovations, scientific discoveries and good practices in the field of photonic science and technology. Plus, it’s a chance to get together with company representatives and young researchers from the field of photonics, allowing us to pave a way for a new era of collaboration to identify groundbreaking solutions

Learning is growing. And we grow by growing others. Being visionaries ourselves, we are always looking for ways to attend scientific events and support colleges, scientific and educational institutions and organizations which are focused on scientific development, research and breakthroughs. We surround ourselves with distinguished scientists and superminds, and dig deep into their brain power to spark ideas that will move us to come out of our comfort zones and drive innovation. 

We supported this event as we believe the collaboration between tech-companies and scientific institutions and universities is of strategic importance. On the one hand, it enables companies to focus their work on research that moves technological boundaries, which further increases their potential, reshapes their capabilities and upgrades their knowledge allowing their teams to advance in their professional development and provide highest possible added value to clients. 

On the other hand, it provides universities with an insight into real needs and technological challenges of the private sector, and offers a world of opportunities to students, professors and doctoral students, to invest their knowledge into building solutions that will reinvent lives and improve the well-being of millions of people worldwide.

We asked Marko Zdravkovski to share his impression of the event: 

“It’s important for our work with clients to continuously strive to innovate, develop, enhance and follow cutting-edge research in our field. PHOTONICA 2021 was a great opportunity to hear more about the latest trends and exchange thoughts with scientists and tech experts in the field. Innovation starts with insight and seeing challenges from a different perspective. These invaluable insights combined with our passion for business innovation help our clients stay ahead of the change and transform disruption into a lasting value.” 

Addressing the value of this and similar kinds of events, our Katarina Urosevic, Chief of Staff at HTEC Group who leads our partnerships with academic institutions, said:

“HTEC Group is in a unique position to be an R&D and technology partner for some of the most exciting global companies. At the same time, research conferences, like Photonica, are an opportunity to build strong ties and develop joint R&D projects with academic institutions which brings enormous benefits for both our teams and our clients in the long-term.”

Making the Impact that Matters 

We strive to identify and explore emerging opportunities. But how can we make sure that we are building an organizational muscle that will empower us to build solutions that will actually “move the needle”?

It’s all about recognising deep tech technologies, scientific breakthroughs and cutting-edge trends that strike at the very heart of business and have the potential to reshape humanity and the world as we know it, for better. It’s all about being there at the right moment with the right people to seize the opportunities that will reshape the future. 

To learn more about this event and why we believe it is important to support these kinds of events, read the full Nedeljnik’s article