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Rebuilding a Better Retail: HTEC Group at World Retail Congress 2022

Cutting-edge technology. Influential attendees. A world of networking opportunities. A synergy of expert speakers. World Retail Congress has it all, and it’s upon us.   

With a unique perspective on the move to experiential retail sought by the world’s best-known retailers and a three-decade-long experience as an innovator, entrepreneur, advisor, and investor, Daniel Bobroff, Head of Retail at HTEC, will be joining the congress with the ambition to learn, share insights, form powerful connections, and play a key part in shaping the future of global retail.

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About the conference   

World Retail Congress brings together industry leaders to share their experience and world-leading insights, enabling businesses to move forward into a new retail role through innovation and sustainability.   

This year, World Retail Congress launched the “Global roadmap to rebuild a better retail” strategy. There are six key pillars critical to today’s world at the core, each being delivered in partnerships with leading advisors and experts. They will inspire exciting discussions and ground-breaking action plans that will further empower businesses to transform and play their part in shaping the future of retail.  

Retail’s Strategic Pillars:

  • Our Planet  
  • Our Society   
  • Our Economy   
  • Our Business   
  • Our Consumer   
  • Our Plan for Change  

What are this year’s hottest topics?  

This year, all knowledge partners will present their exclusive reports on each of the key pillars, with extensive opportunities for retailers to discuss them and assess how best to apply the recommendations and insights to their businesses.  

We asked Daniel to tell us more about the themes he is most curious about and the trends he believes will have a ground-breaking impact on the future of retail:   

#1 Sustainability in retail now matters more than ever   

When a global pandemic disrupts your supply chain, focusing your attention on cutting water consumption or reducing single-use plastic might seem overwhelming. Nevertheless, the crisis has made consumers more environmentally aware. Now, they are more focused than ever on health and safety and are showing strong support for the businesses in their local communities. A recent BCG survey explored ways how the pandemic has shifted global consumer attitudes towards environmental issues — 95 percent of the participants said they believed their personal actions could help protect the environment. This puts increasing pressure on companies to compete in the digital world. What steps should they take to embrace a sustainability strategy? 

#2 Superior customer engagement in a post-COVID world is imperative   

Retailers are increasingly grappling with a concept of a digital customer who emerged as a result of new shopping habits accelerated by the pandemic. While, on the one hand, this is a huge challenge, on the other hand, it is an excellent opportunity for businesses to rethink their digital customer engagement strategies. Retailers that fail to specifically engage with their new digital customers through tools like a one-on-one personalized journey with a primary focus on understanding the customer will fail to retain these new customers. So, how can businesses ensure their structure supports innovation instead of burning through nearly half their resources? I am excited to hear more about evolving trends for driving customer engagement and how other brands are taking a renewed approach to digital and loyalty strategies, driving sales and engagement. 

#3 Metaverse: a new value chain for retail   

With 2022 shaping to be the year of the metaverse, the retail world is entering a new era where retailers get to experiment with something new, especially in luxury fashion. Web3, 3D animated NFTs, crypto enthusiasts – ready or not, this is the future of fashion. Consumers are ready to take a chance on new experiences, and brands need to be smart about leveraging this technology. Where do these two worlds converge, and what technological wonders can come out of this synergy? What should companies and brands that are stepping into the metaverse for the first time do now?”  

#4 Rising to the challenge of optimizing experience and trust in the next generation of retail payments 

Payments have become a seamless component of a customer journey, but there is a careful balancing act between minimizing friction and maximizing consumer data. At the core of this will be robust identity management, integration of alternative data sources via APIs, and a focus on embedded payments that occur as an integral part of the overall experience. Few leaders have emerged—and incumbents still have a good chance to become principals in the orchestra. But, there is still a long way to develop and deliver a superior end-to-end customer experience. Retailers need highly focused strategies that will help them diversify their offerings and create superb user experiences. What’s the next step? 

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Let’s talk! See you at World Retail Congress 2022!   

Daniel would love to connect and discuss ideas on the topics mentioned above. So, if you plan to attend the conference, reach out to him; he will be more than happy to dive into a discussion and hear more thought-provoking ideas.   

Even if you are not planning or cannot attend the conference for some reason, we would like to hear your thoughts on the topics listed above. Pick a virtual slot and reach out to Daniel to discuss the hottest trends, topics that caught your attention, or maybe open some new ones. We are all ears!   

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