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Slovenska Marketinska Konferenca: How Marketing Powered HTEC Group’s Rapid Growth from 200 to 1000 People during the Time of Crisis

We’re excited to announce that our Niko Slavnic, CMO at HTEC Group, will be one of the speakers in the upcoming Slovenska Marketinska Konferenca. He will share more about how our marketing efforts helped HTEC Group grow during the period of great global disruption caused by the pandemic. 

What to expect 

At the conference, Niko will be talking about the five opportunities (The Big Five for Unicorn DNA) which marketers can leverage to make a tremendous contribution to the growth of a company or brand. As a CMO of one of the fastest-growing B2B technology companies in this region, HTEC Group, established by Aleksandar Cabrilo and Dusan Kosic, Niko will share his own experience in how digital marketing has empowered and is continually empowering the rapid and continuous growth of the HTEC company. 

Where and when does it take place?

HTEC Group at Slovenska Marketinska Konferenca

Venue: Dvorana Europa, Grand hotel Bernardin, Portorož – Portorose / Online 

Time: the 5th of October, 9:00 – 10:00 am

You can attend the conferences live in Portorose or online. 

Find out more about the conference: here

Register: here

About Niko Slavnic 

A pioneer of Slovenian venture and angel investing with three decades of experience in a wide variety of roles across the entire marketing and business spectrum, Niko has been directly involved in the founding and development of dozens of international professional organizations. He joined HTEC as a Chief Marketing Officer, but, true to his resume, his focus within the company goes beyond what the title may imply. 

As he points out: “Once I was presented with the vision of the HTEC Group’s future growth, the challenge was too enticing to pass up. With HTEC, I am very excited about the opportunity to work together to build a unicorn at an exceptional speed.”

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Don’t miss out! 

The period we live in gives us a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Marketing at its core is one of the crucial driving forces that can enable companies worldwide to experience extraordinary growth and make their mark in the ever-evolving market. 

Want to learn what five opportunities you need to seize to grow your business and ride the wave of change? Join us at the conference! Don’t miss out! 

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