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Xperi: Building a Sophisticated Automotive In-Cabin Sensing Platform, Ending Distracted Driving



About the project

With the modern driver facing a myriad of distractions while behind the wheel, often leading to serious traffic accidents, novel preventative measures must be put in place. To combat this ever-increasing issue and enable safer driving, Xperi hired a team from HTEC Group to develop an intelligent Driver Monitoring System (DMS) and Occupancy Monitoring System (OMS). While the DMS tackles driver distraction, the OMS includes the added benefit of passenger safety by detecting the presence of the vehicle’s occupants and their positioning within it.


The rapidly evolving nature of the automotive industry has led to an increasing focus on road and passenger safety. While in-vehicle technology historically included cameras focused just on the driver, many lacked additional input for the rest of the vehicle. In addition, there was a lack of understanding of the state of the driver—such as distraction and levels of drowsiness, which is a dangerous combination on the road.

As a company that is dedicated to engineering a better tomorrow, we’re very proud to be working together with Xperi on maximizing road and passenger safety. Through detecting distractions, which can lead to serious accidents, we’re enabling not only safer roads but more enjoyable travel—for everyone in the vehicle. This collaboration opens the doors for a better, more secure driving experience.

– Stefan Končar

Engineering & Delivery Lead at HTEC Group


To tackle the challenge, Autosense, a standalone end-to-end embedded solution was created for Xperi on the Texas Instruments TDA4V platform using DMS & OMS technologies.

Advanced machine learning techniques were put in place to ensure as precise as possible monitoring of driver and passenger activity, including a variety of detection features.

This edge computing solution eliminates the need for the cloud, keeping all data onboard the vehicle, ensuring optimal safety and privacy.

In today’s fast-paced world of automotive, developing next-generation in-cabin sensing solutions needs the right partner. The capability to weave in technical expertise, together with creativity and flexibility while approaching strict requirements and objectives is a must. HTEC Group delivered exactly this, helping us build the DTS AutoSense embedded demo for in-cabin sensing.

– Ilariu Raducan

Project Manager DTS/Xperi

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