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Team Building in the Remote Era

Due to the pandemic, we’ve been forced to skip many important events in our lives. We’ve cut on all kinds of celebrations and a significant number of fun events in the past year. Still, above all else, we have been missing out on everyday small talk in the office and fun water cooler chats in the kitchen. Team building events have indeed become difficult to organize and plan in an unpredictable era we are currently experiencing, but even if you have nearly 700 employees, such a thing is not impossible to put together.

Last Thursday, HTEC had its premier gathering of board game fans in a completely new environment. Although we had some serious experience with physical board game get-togethers and were no strangers to occasional online video game sessions, this was the first time we were all invited to take part in a board game that actually has its own online platform.

Codenames is a very popular, fun, and easy to master word association game that can now be played online. So, we saw it as a great opportunity to not only have fun but also work on our collaboration skills.

We had almost 90 of our colleagues join the game in 10 rooms after they had finished work. And having most of them stay way over the scheduled time for the game was a clear sign they were having a blast.

Our goal was to support mingling and hanging out after work and help everyone relax and finish off their working week in a good mood. After such an amazing response and a large number of participants, we are now considering making an in-house Codenames tournament. Therefore, we declare this team-building episode a success and are looking forward to all the new ones.