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[Tech Forward Webinar] API Testing with Gson and RestAssured

The most recent edition of our TechForward webinar series has seen HTEC’s QA Automation Engineer and QA Tech Lead Miloš Najdanović provide an insightful talk focused on API testing with Gson and RestAssured libraries in Java.

Miloš’s presentation provided the broader context for the subject matter, clarifying the API-related fundamentals and highlighting the key reasons for API testing before diving deep into the technical minutiae. In his talk, Miloš has covered the serialization and deserialization of Java Classes to and from JSON responses using the Gson library, and using RestAssured for requests, before moving on to test examples, interpreting test results, and using test failures to debug easily.

After the presentation, Miloš was joined by HTEC’s Director of Technology Goran Savić and fellow QA Tech Lead Kristijan Ristić. Together, they tackled a torrent of audience questions in what was a busy Q&A session.

Watch the video:

We caught up with Miloš after the webinar to gain his impressions.

QA Automation has become a popular topic in recent years, and I am delighted that the webinar had such an amazing turnout. I hope that I was able to give an idea to young QAs where to start whit REST-API functional testing. I was surprised by the number of questions that arrived during our Q&A, there were so many that we didn’t manage to cover all of them during the session. Some questions even required a little research from our side, and we followed up on them later. All in all, it was a great experience and I am glad I was able to share parts of my knowledge with the community. – Miloš Najdanović, QA Automation Engineer and QA Tech Lead at HTEC Group

About the speaker

Miloš Najdanović has more than seven years of experience as a QA Automation Engineer. He has been a part of HTEC Group for six years, with over a year in the additional capacity of a QA Tech Lead. Currently, he is engaged in project work conducting automation for a workforce management tool.

Moving forward 

We remain fully committed to nurturing our knowledge-sharing culture and growing together by sharing our insights with the broader community. We will continue to provide a platform for our colleagues to exchange their thoughts and experiences with others.  

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