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[Tech Forward Webinar] Enterprise Level Integrations

In the latest Tech Forward episode, we hosted two of our fantastic colleagues Milos Bozic, Senior Engineering and Delivery Lead, and Jozsef Kovacs, Technical Team Lead. They were happy to share their tips and tricks on using Microservice architecture in an enterprise company at a large scale.   

HTEC Group: Enterprise Level Integrations

Milos and Jozsef shared their experience working with an enterprise company. During this session, they showed the complexity of one satellite service provider ecosystem and its integrations through the example of customer onboarding, technical SatCom installation configuration, and billing and invoicing at the end. You will be able to see an example of the technical solution implementation and its tech stack.  

About the speakers   

Milos Bozic is a talented and highly experienced software engineer with more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry. During the last six years, he has been involved in business analysis, project architecture design, implementation of new functionalities and complex business processes and integrations, as well as implementation and design of serverless cloud solutions. He has worked his way up to a team leader, leading a team of 30 people. At HTEC, he continued bringing value and is now at the position of Senior Engineering and Delivery Lead, leading a team of 40+ people. He is also a certified Cloud Solutions Architect Expert.  

Jozsef Kovacs joined HTEC’s Novi Sad ever-growing team through the acquisition of Execom in the summer of 2020. He worked diligently as a back-end developer using Azure services and eventually became Certified Azure Architect. Jozsef has an impressive software engineering background and has advanced to the position of Technical Team Lead at HTEC Group.   

Watch the video.   

We asked Milos and Jozsef to share their impressions:   

“Dealing with integrations and business processes implementation on a larger scale can be challenging. When you need to connect many different APIs and systems, both internal and external, make sure to have a consistent data flow and all systems in sync, serve your customers with their data and enable them to do their daily work on time. You need to stop, take a step back and think about how to design a robust system that can properly scale with the growing environment. In this presentation, we talk about how we deal with these challenges through an example of one of the important business processes.” Milos Bozic, Senior Engineering and Delivery Lead  

“The presentation aims to showcase some of the challenges we faced while working with an Enterprise SatCom Company. We presented the high-level overview of the ordering process and mentioned the external systems this ordering flow touches. This gives an idea to the viewer about the complexity of a major business process. We also described some key points one has to pay attention to when working with an Enterprise Company. Since we are using microservices, we have to manage our interdependencies efficiently, and we have chosen the NuKeeper tool to help us automate that. We also use Azure API Management to help the discovery of our APIs, to unify our APIs’ security settings, and configure rate limiting on them. We explained why a good logging mechanism is important and why we chose Azure Application Insights. We think these are important topics to investigate when your team works with the Microservice architecture.”, Jozsef Kovacs, Technical Team Lead  

Moving forward   

 Wondering who our next special guest is? Stay tuned for the next Tech Forward webinar!  

We are fully committed to nurturing our knowledge-sharing culture. We’ll continue to organize events where our colleagues will have a chance to exchange their thoughts and experiences with others.  

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