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[Tech Forward Webinar] Full-stack GraphQL Experience 

In this Tech Forward webinar, Mario Petrovic, Technical Lead & Frontend Developer, Dino Rac, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Nikola Vukadinov, Java Engineer, dived deeper into their Full-stack GraphQL Experience and shared invaluable insights and tips on how to use its full potential. 

HTEC Group Tech Forward Webinar

GraphQL is a query language for APIs and a runtime for fulfilling those queries with your existing data, providing the client with the power to ask for exactly what they need and nothing more. A quick rundown of setup and query language syntax, both from the backend (Apollo Server and Gateway) and frontend side (Apollo Client), as well as insights for manual and Java automation testing.

About the Speakers 

Mario Petrovic has been a web developer for the last 9 years. He joined HTEC Group in 2017 and he is currently leading the JS team in Niš. 

Nikola Vukadinov is a Backend Java Engineer with 5 years of experience in the industry, especially in the field of finance, IAM and e-commerce domains. Nikola is the Alumni of the Faculty of Technical Science of University of Novi Sad with a master’s degree. 

Dino Rac is Quality Assurance Engineer and experienced QA Delivery and Tech Lead working on enterprise applications and leading QA teams on multiple projects. He is an Automation Test Developer with a demonstrated history of bootstrapping java automation rest/UI frameworks, protractor, JMeter automation knowledge. 

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Nikola’s tip to future GraphQL enthusiasts:  

“In order to use the full potential of GraphQL, design the schema as a graph of interlinked types which provide various choices for resolving data and try to avoid making it just a proxy to the REST API.” 

When asked to share his impression of the webinar, Nikola said: “Solve a developer’s GraphQL problem and you’ve helped them for a day, make a GraphQL webinar and you’ve helped them for a lifetime.” 

We also talked with Mario about what he thinks is the biggest value of GraphQL, he pointed out that: “With less boilerplate and better code visibility, GraphQL brings maintainability and development experience to a whole other level.” 

When it comes to the webinar, he emphasised that ”having an opportunity to transfer knowledge to the outside world is beneficial to both parties.” 

Finally, we also chatted with Dino to find out his views of the webinar. He pointed out that “knowledge-sharing sessions are a very good starting point for gaining a bigger picture of the topic in question, regardless of whether we are only being introduced to the topic or we already have some background domain knowledge.” 

He also explained that “GraphQL is a very important topic for all the people who are about to start working on some projects from ground zero, because GraphQL is becoming a new standard in communication between frontend and backend. We think that this topic helped others a lot and that we have managed to provide them with some key guidelines into the world of GraphQL.” 

Moving forward 

Wondering who our next special guest is? Stay tuned for the next Tech Forward webinar!  

We are fully committed to nurturing our knowledge-sharing culture. We’ll continue to organize events where our colleagues will have a chance to exchange their thoughts and experiences with others.  

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