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Code 3: Transforming Audience Segmentation and Campaign Management Tools



About the project

Code3, formally known as Social Code, is a performance marketing company that specializes in the intersection of media, creative, and commerce. Their focus is to help brands achieve success more rapidly through various strategies.

Code3 contacted Momentum, an HTEC Group Company, to overhaul their audience segmentation and campaign management tools. Their goal was to offer an innovative solution to streamline audience segmentation, enhance campaign performance, and provide a unified user experience.


The client had dual requirements. Firstly, they needed to enhance their audience segmentation, aiming to increase efficiency and simultaneously discover new, untapped audience segments.

As time passed, the client’s toolset became cluttered and disjointed due to numerous releases and an acquisition. This lack of cohesion among the various tools impacted the brand’s image and the overall user experience.


Our team initiated collaboration through a knowledge-gathering workshop to fully grasp why and how the client’s applications were being used. The information gathered was used to create a new information architecture, which they utilized to uncover where additional features needed to be implemented.

After the workshop, our team interviewed a group of users to understand how they worked and why they were accessing specific applications. Following the initial research, our team was able to simplify the workflow by creating a new information architecture. As a result, they put together a fluid framework for navigation, taking into account the logical flows and access to the application.

To address the challenge of visual experience, they developed a focused and effective color palette. They also created a comprehensive style guide and component library to unify the visual language throughout the application.

Audience Segmentation - Man looking at camera in front of ring light


Competitive edge is key, no matter the industry. Through restructuring Code3’s application suite and shaping its visual brand identity, our team helped Code3 unlock even more potential for growth and differentiation. The new design won over executives and clients alike, while the deep analytical tools provided the client’s analysts with a much more efficient way to target and reach a wider range of audiences.

The client is now armed with advanced customer segmentation and a user-friendly experience that will help lead it into a new era.

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