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Treeti: Reimagining a Viewing Platform with Unique Design  



About the project

Treeti unites independent filmmakers and industry influencers, enabling personal interactions through their Social Command Center and advanced blockchain technology. Treeti is more than just another viewing platform; it’s a place where relationships and shared experiences thriv


Treeti engaged with Momentum Design Lab, an HTEC Group company, to craft a distinctive look that would distinguish it from many established streaming platforms. Building a genuine sense of community was paramount for Treeti to earn users’ trust and excitement.  


Client-Centric Design Approach 

Momentum’s design thinking process is highly adaptable to cater to clients’ specific needs, ensuring that they deliver maximum value within the parameters of the project. At the project’s outset, they collaborated to outline the steps for identifying the client’s target users, defining workflows, and designing their website. 

Tailored Design Workshop 

In an immersive two-day design workshop, Momentum delved into the client’s product’s objectives, revealed user personas, and embarked on an innovative journey to envision the ideal Treeti product. This allowed they to select the features that would have the most significant impact. The resulting design solutions were crafted with many of these pioneering ideas, ensuring that they align with the client’s vision. 

User Personas 

In their analysis, they identified four distinct user categories within the film industry, focusing on their objectives and pain points. They primary persona, the “Seeker and Viewer,” holds a central role, with special consideration for film recommendations from the Influencer permeating all user flows. Notably, the “Filmmaker” and “Content Provider” personas share substantial similarities with the “Viewer.” 

Information Architecture 

They meticulously charted the product’s information architecture (IA), starting from the personalized News Feed. This not only encompassed independent films but also various other content types, such as articles, bundles, events, and more, providing a comprehensive overview of the product’s structure and content diversity. 

Reimaging a viewing platform with unique design  HTEC Group

Customized Wireframes for Your Success 

After completing our Information Architecture (IA) phase, Momentum meticulously crafted the product’s foundation by mapping user flows and exploring fundamental interaction patterns. The chose a widget-based approach for the global Dashboard to ensure the robustness and scalability of the client’s product, tailored specifically to meet their requirements. With this approach, the client can effortlessly gain immediate insights into the total value of their assets and liabilities, immediately, starting from the top. 

Bespoke Visual Design  

Recognizing the unique demands of the movie industry, Momentum focused on the client’s vision. Our designers invested time and effort in exploring Cool, Warm, and Hot mood boards, each representing a distinctive array of meanings. Within these styles, they discovered an exquisite direction that imbued Treeti with a one-of-a-kind look and feel. It was all about setting the client apart, empowering them to make their mark in the industry. 

Blockchain Integration 

Through integration of Blockchain technology, this platform will intelligently establish connections between independent filmmakers and interested viewers and influencers, effectively reducing the dependence on major studios. 


As a newcomer to the world of streaming, the team continued to express the Treeti differentiator — their primary goal is to foster social connections through blockchain on every page. Additionally, Momentum dedicated themselves to crafting a distinctive look and feel that truly embodies the essence of Treeti. 

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