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Matillion: UX-driven Product Innovation of a Data Pipelining Product Suite



About the project

Matillion’s suite of products and solutions empower its customers, both small business and enterprise, to extract, migrate, and transform their data into a unified cloud repository, with the resulting insights facilitating improved decision-making and business outcomes. Within this project, Momentum, an HTEC Group Company, stepped up to revamp Matillion’s applications for their customer base, focusing heavily on creating the foundations for a UX-driven organization.


The key challenge faced by the client was the need for a unified user experience backed by a comprehensive UX strategy and modern design. User-centric practices were vital, both on the customer-facing side and on the side of Matillion’s team working at the system’s back end.

Ux-driven digital transformation screenshot


Throughout an 8-week discovery phase, our team conducted interviews, product demos, and collaborative sessions to gather insights from various stakeholders and set the groundwork for the way forward. The findings from this research formed the basis of the UX design sprints and process, as well as the team composition.

The research also identified high-level trends, which led Momentum to emphasize product adoption, data maturity, enterprise attitude, and optimized ACV. Following this, we deconstructed the customer journey into five phases, mainly due to the challenge of migrating users from one mode to another. Enabling easier migration allowed us to explore the product journey better and ensure a user’s data maturity led to increased product sophistication.


Ultimately, our team created optimized versions of the registration flow and testable screens from the UI kit while at the same time establishing the look and feel.

In addition, through collaborating on a UX strategy, Matillion was able to build a robust, self-sustainable internal design team.

Armed with a new UX-driven marketing approach, Matillion continues to succeed while helping clients outpace the competition through valuable insights.

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