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[VIDEO] Micro Front-End Architecture in JS? Impossible? Or is it?

In our latest Tech Forward series of webinars, we had a chance to hear two of our JS engineers Milan Milićević and Mario Petrovic as they shared their strategy on how to go from Monolith Front-End to Micro Front-End. 

Tech Forward Webinar: Micro Front-End Architecture in JS? Impossible? Or is it?

Milan is a Software engineer with 3 years of experience. He has been a part of HTEC Group for a year and a half, and he is currently a member of the JS team in Niš.

Mario has been a web developer for the last 9 years. He joined HTEC Group in 2017 and he is currently leading the JS team in Niš.

Watch the video. 

We had a chat with Mario and Milan to hear their impressions. 

H: What’s your impression of the webinar?

Mario: “I must say it’s a very interesting experience especially because we had a chance to tune into a live discussion at the end of the webinar and interact with people who wanted to know more about us and the topic we presented.” 

Milan: “The format is really exciting and it is a very nice experience for both of us. We already presented this topic at last year’s conference. We will hopefully take part in many more similar events. We really support this kind of initiative because we believe that by sharing our knowledge we help someone else learn something new that would help them grow in future.” 

H: Why do knowledge-sharing events inside HTEC Group matter so much?

Mario: “It’s always good to know what technology our colleagues are working on and how they managed to solve certain challenges or issues. This kind of insight is more valuable to me than when I hear insights coming from some other external experts who may be even more experienced in what they do because. I am always curious to know how some of my colleagues solved a problem I may come across at some points. This really means a lot to me.” 

Milan: “Here in HTEC Group we nurture a knowledge-sharing culture because this gives us invaluable insights we can then use when working on some other projects. Also, this way we always know who to consult when dealing with a certain issue. It’s much easier when someone has already worked on a particular issue and has enough experience to help you overcome obstacles when trying to come up with a solution on the project you are working on. We support these kinds of events not only when they are organized in-house but also the external ones.”

H: Mario, what is the most difficult part of being a team lead? 

Mario: “I am a gatekeeper of our team culture and my assessment of people’s capabilities and expertise is a big responsibility, and probably the biggest challenge.”

H: Milan, what do you like the most about being a JS engineer?

Milan: “HTEC team culture is amazing — an exciting atmosphere and a great team spirit motivate me even more and make our work much easier. Everybody is eager to share knowledge with you, we often hang out after our work together, and there is always a sense of mutual respect, optimism and trust which I really appreciate.”

Moving Forward

Wondering who our next special guest is? Stay tuned for the next FastForward webinar! 

We are fully committed to nurturing our knowledge-sharing culture and we’ll continue to organize events where our colleagues will have a chance to exchange their thoughts and experiences with others. 

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