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Case Study: SaaS Workforce Management Platform Gets Cloud and Mobile Makeover

Project: Re-envision a market-leading SaaS platform

A Scandinavian market leader in SaaS workforce management set out to help businesses reduce costs and enjoy work with a mobile-first, cloud-based workforce management platform. Its modular product supports managers and employees with features such as scheduling and task management that save time and allow customers to run their businesses more efficiently.

Challenge: Create a modernized, modular technical architecture

Large organizations with employees working in shifts face challenges managing schedules that require a lot of manual work.

As it entered different industries such as retail, hotel management, restaurant services, and healthcare, the client saw the need for a modern, cloud-based, mobile platform that plans and tracks shifts easily.

To that end, the client joined forces with HTEC to develop a product in which customers can choose one or more modules for their business needs, including modules for schedule, task, time, budget and forecast, communication, and insights.

HTEC’s client serves more than 200,000 users and customers including McDonald’s, Papa John’s, London City Airport, and DHL.

Solution: Legacy SaaS platform modernization with ultimate end-user flexibility

Transitioning the functionality of a legacy workforce management platform to a SaaS platform is always a challenge. With this project, the client’s goal was to keep only the functionalities accessed by users on a daily basis, while also developing new ones.

HTEC’s development efforts were performed with end-user flexibility in mind so that each customer could adapt the product according to their needs. This made the platform suitable for different kinds of companies and also user-friendly for various users within a company.

During the development process, HTEC and client teams working on different platforms, both mobile and cloud-based, were able to simultaneously plan, implement and evaluate the work being done. The process was enhanced through storytelling, grooming, solution design, implementation, and end-to-end testing.

One of the benefits of the new platform for the client is a shortened release cycle, bringing new functionalities to users quicker and speeding up user feedback for new features.

Customers can now create reliable and intelligent staff management systems and follow up on their most important KPIs on a new, user-friendly platform. They can also use fully integrated time reporting on their mobile devices.

Success: Launching a new best-in-class cloud+mobile SaaS platform

By partnering with HTEC, this client now has a modern cloud-based workforce management platform that includes a mobile app version.

Launching a new best-in-class cloud+mobile SaaS platform

The client is ready to conquer new industries and geographical markets and become a global leader in helping businesses automate shift planning, save time, and reduce costs.

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