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Four medical apps making life easier for patients and physicians

The healthcare industry is besieged by challenges brought on by COVID-19. But the industry is still making significant breakthroughs, not only in treating Covid with vaccines, but also with its use of medical apps and software.

Today’s medical mobile apps are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by improving access to patient data, communication between patients and doctors, and the overall quality of care.

Medical apps for a healthier tomorrow

There are more than 200 new healthcare and medical apps being added to app stores (such as Google Play and Apple’s App Store) every single day. The healthcare mobile apps market is on pace to generate around $111 billion by 2025. 

In this article, we’ll explore standout medical apps HTEC helped develop that are enabling healthcare professionals and caregivers to give patients the innovative treatment they need.

Humeds medical app for heart conditions

With the number of heart attacks and patients with cardiac diseases rising over the past couple of years, it’s become significantly harder to book appointments with doctors in the cardiac field.

Humeds is a groundbreaking telehealth solution that HTEC developed in collaboration with leading electrophysiologists and cardiologists. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to help reduce heart attacks. It gives users a simple and comfortable ECG recording combined with a quick and precise diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias. The Humeds app then sends the diagnosis to the patient’s doctor.

The doctors can then analyze the information they get from Humeds and provide feedback via smartphone.

Odonata wearable app for pregnancy

Odonata Health is a wearable medical device that utilizes AI to measure vital data for women and their developing fetus during pregnancy, labor, and delivery.

Odonata Health is committed to using mobile technology to improve the health of pregnant women on their terms and ensure a safe and comfortable pregnancy.

Aloe Care medical app for elder care

Checking up on elders in time of lockdowns can be challenging to say the least.

Aloe Care Health developed a medical app and device called the Aloe Care Smart Hub to address in-home elder care. It’s a voice-activated device that provides users with 24/7 professional emergency response and built-in motion, temperature, and air quality sensors, as well as a wearable Care Button to call for help.

The Aloe Care Smart Hub addresses the void in support for older adults and elders. The app and smart device give caregivers an easier way to make sure their elders stay safe and healthy.

Nevro’s complete system for chronic pain

Medical device company Nevro developed an advanced spinal cord stimulation system and device, called Senza Omnia, which helps physicians bring relief to people with chronic pain, particularly in their back and limbs.

The Senza Omnia system treats pain by delivering electrical pulses to the spinal cord using a pulse generator device implanted under the skin. The stimulation of nerves caused by the pulses interferes with the transmission of pain signals to the brain, reducing the sensation of pain.

The Omnia is the only medical system designed to deliver pulses with frequencies between 2 – 10,000 Hz for maximum pain relief. Other SCS systems on the market have frequencies below 1500 hertz.

Nevro has also launched its NevroCloud medical app, which supports patients with personalized care over the lifetime of their Senza Omnia device. NevroCloud records a comprehensive history of patient data to help physicians monitor patients and advise them on further therapy.

Developing the medical apps and software of the future

At HTEC, we develop medical apps and devices by integrating existing technologies with our custom, proprietary hardware, medical software, and device design.

Our solutions use sensors, AI algorithms, machine learning, visual and speech recognition, and pose detection. We are committed to building end-to-end technology to address today’s most pressing and ever-changing medical issues. 

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