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5 Medical Apps and Devices that are Changing the Healthcare Industry

The lines are getting longer, not only in stores where customers are looking to stock up on essentials such as toilet paper and milk but also in front of the doctor’s office as many appointments are getting canceled or postponed due to the global pandemic. Many medical professionals as well as patients are looking to find new ways to track their health conditions in these times. 

Now, we are not talking about “Googling your symptoms” and finding out you have “x amount of days to live”, all jokes aside, but about actual medical apps and medical software, which are — alongside HTEC — changing the healthcare industry of today and how they serve to better the health and wellbeing of its users. 

The medical and healthcare industries are making significant breakthroughs, not only in fighting the new Coronavirus with vaccines but also in the field of medical innovations with the use of medical apps and medical software. The medical apps of today are changing the relationship between healthcare professionals, such as doctors, and their patients. Mobile medical and healthcare apps, in general, are revolutionizing the healthcare industry by improving communication, efficiency, and quality of not only the healthcare service but also information about patients. 

Trending medical apps for a healthier tomorrow 

New medical apps technological innovations have the ability to provide seamless connections between caregivers for healthcare professionals and patients in need. There are more than 200 new healthcare and medical apps being added to app stores (such as Google Play and App Store) every single day. This combined with the rapid use of smartphones is providing additional fuel to the healthcare mobile apps market, which is expected to generate around 111 billion dollars by 2025. 

In this article, we take a look through the trending medical apps that are changing the healthcare industry and helping healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients get the help they need to improve their health. We are proud to have been involved in the development of these groundbreaking solutions.


With the number of heart attacks and patients with cardiac diseases or heart conditions rising over the past couple of years, it has become significantly harder to reach out and book appointments with doctors and other healthcare professionals in the cardiac field. 

Humeds is an amazing telehealth solution developed in collaboration with leading electrophysiologists and cardiologists, which helps to reduce heart attacks with the use of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT). Humeds enables its users a simple and comfortable ECG recording, as well as analysis, combined with a quick, automatic, and extremely precise diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmias. With the use of medical software and device Humeds, patients with heart conditions or cardiac diseases get a quick and precise diagnosis of their heart conditions to send out to their doctor, which can be crucial for the patients’ wellbeing. 

The doctors can then respond to the information received from the medical software device and they can give their patients feedback on their smartphones immediately, ensuring speedy recovery of their patients. 

Get to know more about Humeds medical software and device here

Odonata Health

Pregnancy should be a time to celebrate the power of female bodies and giving life to a new person. However, it saddens us to say that this is not the case for all women out there. The rate of severe complications during pregnancy is steadily rising despite the many medical advancements. It is reported that the USA is 1 of 8 countries where maternal mortality rates are increasing. 

Odonata Health is a wearable textile-based medical product, which measures key vital statistics of women and their developing fetus, for use during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. This medical software utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence to give better access to the health and wellbeing of women during every step of a woman’s pregnancy, labor as well as delivery. Odonata Health is committed to improving overall women’s health with the use of innovative medical technology. This medical device provides women’s healthcare providers with more data and insight in real-time and on their terms to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy. 


Checking up on elders in time of lockdowns can be quite challenging to say the least. While younger generations are enjoying their Alexa’s and other voice-activated devices, the question remains how to keep elders or older adults safe and connected to their caregivers. 

Alone Care Health developed a medical app and medical device called the Aloe Care Smart Hub, which is a voice-activated device that provides its users with 24/7 professional emergency response and built-in motion, temperature, and air quality sensors, as well as a wearable Care Button, to get help both inside and outside the home. It is the world’s first comprehensive solution that addresses the critical void in supporting older adults and elders. Aloe Care Health medical app and smart device provide its users with an easier way to keep an eye on their elders and make sure they are taken care of by caregivers. 


Skincare has become a part of our everyday lives, no matter if you are a woman or a man. Skin is our largest organ, therefore some attention to it must be paid to keep it in good condition. With the rise of skincare products, one can be confused as to which products they should be using. 

Introducing mySkin’s medical app OKU, a refreshing and effective new way to find effective skincare products that work for your skin type. mySkin uses the medical app OKU to help you make better decisions by utilizing scientific principles and highly sophisticated algorithms. OKU, their medical app analyzes variables such as skin health and appearance — genetics, lifestyle, health conditions, and environment, to name a few, for a deeper insight on how certain skincare products work on different skin. OKU is your personal skin coach that finds your “Skin twin” — a person with the same skin profile as you to find out, which products would work best for you to help you achieve your best skin. 


People with spinal cord injuries or chronic pain go through immense hardships that prevent them from enjoying everyday activities. 

Nevro developed a special medical app and medical software called Senza Omnia, that empower healthcare providers with the most advanced spinal cord stimulation system, which helps people with chronic pain get back to the life they used to pursue and enjoy. Senza Omnia is the first and only medical system designed to deliver and pair all frequencies between 2 – 10,000 Hz in order to provide the patients with the broadest range of solutions today and in the future. Together with the medical device Senza Omnia, Nevro has also launched a medical app called NevroCloud, which supports patients with prompt and personalized care over the lifetime of their Senza Omnia medical device. NevroCloud records a comprehensive history of programs and patient outcomes to help physicians monitor their patients and advise them on further effective therapy. 

The development of medical apps and medical software of the future

HTEC helped develop complete telemedicine solutions to support safe and secure contactless healthcare. Furthermore, HTEC’s team of experts has pioneered a number of important medical technology advancements through work on the development of medical apps and software. 

We deliver end-to-end medical technology and health technological solutions by integrating existing technologies with our custom, proprietary hardware, medical software, and device design for medical apps. Our solutions use the full palette of cutting-edge technologies, such as sensors, AI algorithms, machine learning, visual and speech recognition, pose detection, and innovative materials. We are committed to the creation of innovative end-to-end solutions that provide answers to some of the most pressing medical questions of today. 

Reach out to discover how our vision and technical expertise can shape the medical solutions of the future!