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Case study: Building multi-purpose wealth management software

Project: Helping consumers to manage their wealth

HTEC is developing a robust wealth management software solution for a Swiss financial company. The platform has significantly improved the level of satisfaction among the client’s customers and employees, empowering them with the insights and tools to manage their finances more efficiently.

Challenge: Developing software based on highly sensitive data

HTEC’s client is a financial company, based in Switzerland, which provides wealth and asset management as well as investment banking services for private, corporate, and institutional clients worldwide. HTEC is working with a multinational team of over 80 engineers from three countries, developing a broad range of complex wealth management software solutions.

The main challenge the HTEC team has encountered lies in the specifics of the domain. The project scope involves dealing with highly sensitive data. All team members had to go through an elaborate onboarding process in a secure environment that ensures the fullest confidentiality of sensitive information.

App integration has been another challenge due to the system’s complexity and security, which requires custom-made communication between different services.

Present-day technologies allow for an unprecedented level of insight, data management, and remote activity in digital finances. However, such system operability comes with a risk. To mitigate possible risks, HTEC and the client implemented the highest degree of security, technical sophistication, business intelligence, and reliability when building this wealth management software solution.

Solution: Versatile applications for all types of financial planning

The HTEC team is in charge of creating a multi-module system that allows financial advisors and end-users to have full insight into pension plans, real estate worth, and general wealth estimation. These applications have different functionalities and HTEC built them to work independently.

One of the applications is a financial planning platform that allows users to get a clear insight into their assets and liabilities, calculate a personal long-term financial plan, determine an investment concept, and more. HTEC has made this app from scratch and is currently working on improvements and additional features.

Another application of the solution helps users determine the worth of real estate assets. It has two layers, one for end-users and another for financial advisors. In the case of buying a house, users can get assessments of a real estate location, including the proximity to schools and shopping options, as well as for railway and street noise. Also available in the app are a mortgage calculator and an overview of the total expenses of owning a house.

Additionally, the app includes a tax calculator and a risk assessment system to help with wealth management and insurance policies.

Finally, HTEC is working on a platform that enables users to select all services the bank provides, which includes account and payment services, retirement planning, and online banking.

HTEC is working on a multi-module system that gives financial advisors and end-users full insight into pension plans, real estate projections, and general wealth management.

Success: A secure system for complete wealth management

The HTEC-developed system includes several sophisticated interconnected services, including a pension plan overview, a tax calculator, wealth and real estate evaluation tool, and a mortgage calculator. The platform has significantly improved the level of satisfaction among the company’s customers, giving them the necessary tools to manage their wealth and assets.

The system itself is secure, fast, adaptable, stable, and potentially customizable for other financial institutions to use.

The wealth management software solutions meet the highest security standards and strict regulatory compliance, with no compromises in stability and performance.

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