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Tag: banking

  • How Gen Z is Reinventing FinTech and Banking

    Tech-savvy, socially conscious and impact driven: meet Generation Z, the world’s first true Digital Native Generation. Born between 1996 and 2010, Gen Z-ers now outrank Millennials as the majority generation on the planet. With $143B in buying power in the US alone (making up nearly 40% of all consumer sales) Gen Z commands increasing influence…

  • Case Study: Multi-purpose Wealth Management System

    Case Study: Multi-purpose Wealth Management System

    HTEC is developing a robust FinTech solution for a Swiss financial company. Our platform has significantly improved the level of satisfaction among our client’s customers and employees, empowering them with necessary insights and tools for the next-level wealth and asset management.


  • Future Challenges for the Banking and Financial Industry

    These are heady times for the banking industry. Money still rules every day but how it does is constantly changing, as technological developments and societal restrictions of the pandemic era combine to make banking software the norm in homes that previously resisted the change. The banking industry is continually searching for new and concise ways…


  • Banking Software Solutions That Are Changing the FinTech Industry

    The long-held idea that the future is digital has become obsolete; the future is now, and digital innovation is very much the present. The digitalization of banking is in full-throttle, as the future of the industry develops parallel with the future of Fintech, and every new fintech app development brings fresh ideas and an increased…

  • The Before and After of the Fintech and Banking Industry

    Every single day, billions of people in every corner of the globe access their money through a variety of digital platforms. Applications and other forms of integrated technology have revolutionized the world of personal finances, taking what was once a 9 to 5 industry plagued with waiting times and restrictions and helping it blossom into…

  • What Are the Fintech Trends of 2021?

    2020 was a revolutionary year in many industries, but it will almost certainly go down in history as the year Fintech stepped up to the plate for the wider population. The restrictions and unforeseen societal changes saw Fintech industry trends explode out of the bubble and into the everyday world, as the majority of the…