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A New Generation of HTEC Leaders

HTEC Group announces a series of important leadership advancements effective immediately to support its ambitious growth plans. 

HTEC Group continues with its commitment to promote talent from within.

Friday, 30th of July, 2021 — This week, four of our engineering managers, Nikola Gladovic, Marko Anic, Luka Ranisavljevic, and Bojan Sukalo, have been promoted to Directors, Engineering and Delivery. This new role represents a unique opportunity for them to lead divisions, furthering their ownership in managing people, delivery, and accounts. It also encourages them to work proactively with Business Development to ensure that we seize opportunities to further support our clients and launch cooperation with new ones.

Engineering and delivery, composed of multidisciplinary dedicated engineering teams, is at the core of HTEC. As HTEC Group grows rapidly, our leaders are met with new opportunities to work with amazing clients on the latest technologies and develop themselves and others in the process. 

As our teams grow, so do our leaders. HTEC empowers them to advance their careers through the engineering management career path and assume even more responsibilities and ownership.

Nikola Gladovic

At the moment, Nikola leads large teams out of the HTEC Belgrade office, working on some of the most challenging and important technologies in the transportation, logistics and retail domain.

Among other projects, Nikola leads our cooperation with Ananas, onboarding a large team in a very short period of time and at the same time securing world-class delivery and results. Ananas, popularly known as the “Regional Amazon”, is the first digital retail project of this magnitude in the Balkans. Its arrival will mark a new era of online shopping, offering local shoppers a more convenient alternative to the current global options like Amazon, Alibaba, and others.

Nikola started his career as a software engineer and before joining HTEC he was the CTO of an outsourcing and game development company. He was in charge of developing the technology, leading engineering efforts and assessing and validating product ideas. This made his move to HTEC an obvious choice. 

Nikola on HTEC growth

It’s been amazing to be part of HTEC’s journey over the past years. This new role comes at a time of accelerated growth and it will allow me to even better identify and seize opportunities both for our clients and our teams…

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Marko Anic

Marko joined the HTEC Novi Sad office in 2017 as a software engineer and quickly worked his way up through the company to become an engineering manager. Marko is fully dedicated to helping grow people on his teams, while successfully delivering on projects that span multiple industries and domains.

Marko has been working on scaling his team, ensuring that he has built leaders both in engineering management and technology leadership along the way. Marko and his team work on core technology projects with global tech leaders. Besides providing growth opportunities for his team, Marko has been instrumental in leading company-wide initiatives and growing our Novi Sad office. 

Before joining HTEC, Marko worked as a Technical Lead, in charge of designing, architecting and developing enterprise-grade, web-based business solutions for a diverse set of clients and domains, while also ensuring company growth by organizing workshops and training sessions. He also managed a team working on designing and developing an Asset & Portfolio Management software for financial institutions and investors.

Marko on teams’ growth:

“Everyone who knows me knows I love good stories! And I think that what we are building here at HTEC is epic! Being a part of it and helping shape it is one of the most gratifying things I’ve done in my career. Accelerated growth comes with its own set of challenges in taking care of your team. I am excited to tackle these challenges head on, ensuring we develop technology and leadership skills in all team members, and build proactiveness both towards our clients and towards each other.There is no recipe on how you deliver quality at scale, just laser focus on things that matter the most: people and the value we bring to our customers.”

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Luka Ranisavljevic

Luka joined HTEC’s Novi Sad ever-growing team through the acquisition of Execom in the summer of 2020 as the company’s COO. He worked diligently with both teams and clients to ensure a smooth and successful integration process. Since the integration, he has been managing one of the company’s biggest portfolios covering various business domains and technologies with the main focus on European clients and companies in the labtech domain, and he has also had a critical role in developing new leaders along the way.

Luka has an outstanding software engineering and team leadership background. He has been responsible for overseeing efficiency of day-to-day company-wide operations — managing relationships with clients, contract negotiations, and resourcing. 

Starting as a technical team lead and advancing to the position of COO in Execom, Luka’s expertise encompasses a range of matters: hiring new talent, analysis and reporting of the overall business performance, legal activities, establishing connections with new clients, onboarding them as well as nurturing and growing relationships with existing clients. 

Luka on delivery and the value we provide to our clients:

“During ten years of growing myself together with Execom brought many different changes and challenges. But joining HTEC moved it to another level. It’s only been a year since I joined the HTEC team, but it’s been exciting to see the growth of our existing accounts and new opportunities for my team members. Excelling in delivery is clearly our top priority, but our teams are about so much more. We have grown not just in numbers but in the range of services we can provide to our clients, and I can’t wait to continue, as our motto says, “delighting, not just delivering”. At the same time, there is a feeling of appreciation of what we do and constant support by our peers, which makes this whole journey not just adventurous but also fun!”

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Bojan Sukalo

Bojan was HTEC’s first employee in Banja Luka. Starting a new office comes with a set of challenges that he tackled head-on and supported building a 50+ team of exceptional engineers. Banja Luka’s unique office culture and energy are known across HTEC, and it was built a great deal through Bojan’s dedication and energy. 

Besides leading our growth in Banja Luka, Bojan also manages several exciting accounts such as Gluware and Preventice, and has developed successful distributed teams across all our locations.

He joined HTEC with remarkable and extensive experience, primarily in the telecom sector, working as a project leader and analyst with an engineering architect role on various deep-tech software projects with leading companies and technologies.

Bojan on technology:

Taking on several new projects recently, both myself and the team are excited at the prospect of working on cutting-edge technologies with our clients. In delivery, we work hand in hand with our Tech Excellence Office, a team of our most senior engineers and system and software architects, ensuring the highest technology standards across the board. I believe my new role will even further enable me to utilize our amazing engineering power for the success of our clients, while keeping our teams constantly at the global technology forefront.

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Disruption from within 

Developing talent is at the core of our business strategy as we push ourselves to shape a better tomorrow together with our clients. Grow yourself by growing others is a value we live by daily and we believe it has brought us to this watershed moment in our journey. As the world begins to reopen, HTEC has a unique opportunity to continue to accelerate the execution of our strategy, strengthen our client-centric mindset and provide growth and career development opportunities for our people.

Bringing value to our clients is and will continue to be our north star. Our tech expertise and willingness to step out of our comfort zone to solve complex problems are critical drivers of our business growth. With these leadership changes, we are confident that we will bring higher value to our clients and help their business thrive. 

We are looking forward to enabling innovation for business and society worldwide with this exceptional leadership team.

At the heart of every great disruption is a great human. If you have ideas, ingenuity and a passion for making a difference, and would like to be a part of our growing team, take a look at our open positions and join us! 

We work with exceptional people, the latest, and greatest tech and leading companies across industries. Join us and be one of them! Let’s make an impact together, today!