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  • Leap of Trust: Daniel Buleu on Joining HTEC Romania

    Leap of Trust: Daniel Buleu on Joining HTEC Romania

    International expansion of operations is a substantial endeavor. Each country presents its own list of unique challenges—operational, legal, or other.    Perhaps the biggest challenge of all is building a team from scratch in a new market. It’s important not to waste time and start growing a team before all the operational matters are in place.   …

  • #150 Stories: Dino Rac

    #150 Stories: Dino Rac

    This May, HTEC had the pleasure of promoting 150 of our team members to higher positions. Our growth has been marked by the emergence of countless opportunities for dedicated, fast-thinking, brave, and industrious team members to take on greater responsibility and advance their careers.   It’s important to note that the 150 promotions were not a…

  • A New Generation of HTEC Leaders

    A New Generation of HTEC Leaders

    HTEC Group announces a series of important leadership advancements effective immediately to support its ambitious growth plans.  HTEC Group continues with its commitment to promote talent from within. Friday, 30th of July, 2021 — This week, four of our engineering managers, Nikola Gladovic, Marko Anic, Luka Ranisavljevic, and Bojan Sukalo, have been promoted to Directors,…