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Engineering and Delivery Team Meetup: 2021 Year in Review

As the end of the year is approaching, we are looking back on our past achievements and looking forward to our new victories in the upcoming year. And 2021 has been a busy year. It ushered in more transformation as businesses gained a better understanding of a changing world caused by the pandemic. This, on the other hand, drove us to push ourselves even further and explore our potential to be able to solve complexities and discover many more innovative solutions that will drive that change. And along the way, each of us has changed — we have learned, developed, and grown. This was a year of connection, action, and impact.   

Celebrating milestones achieved in 2021  

HTEC Group - Darko Todorovic: Engineering and Delivery Team Meetup: 2021 Year in Review

To reflect on the main milestones and celebrate successes reached in 2021, last week, our Engineering and Delivery management team got together in Belgrade where 16 presenters shared their views on the project development, collaboration with existing and future clients, future opportunities, and the team’s growth through 2021. Darko Todorovic, VP Engineering & Delivery opened up the event by reflecting on challenges this team has faced and accomplishments it has made throughout the year emphasizing that the HTEC team grew from 553 employees to over 1000 employees — the existing HTEC team was expanded with the two major acquisitions, the acquisition of Konstrukt and Momentum Design Lab which further strengthened HTEC’ product design, and engineering and delivery capabilities. He also touched upon the development of certain departments within HTEC, significant leadership advancements, new job roles, functions, and overall continuous rapid growth we have experienced in the short period of time.   

16 presenters, 10 presentations:  

  • Engineering & Delivery divisions presented by: Aleksandar Miljkovic, Nikola Gladovic & Vojislav Mokric, Luka Ranisavljevic, Marko Anic, Bojan Sukalo, Stefan Mrsic, Nikola D. Stankovic, Dejan Pokrajac, Slavisa Djokic, Embedded division — Marko Zdravkovski, Miroslav Bozic and Sasa Takov  
  • Engineering capacity management – Marko Stojiljkovic   
  • Project Management Office – Marko Pavlovic  
  • Product Innovation Office – David Brbaklic  

The presenters covered a wide range of topics from the first-ever HTEC project manager and scrum master handbook, building the biggest regional eCommerce platform, Ananas, in less than 9 months to two major acquisitions that took place in 2021 and the opportunities this brings to HTEC’s future growth and establishing Product Innovation office.   

HTEC Group: Engineering and Delivery Team Meetup: 2021 Year in Review

Each of them carefully presented the successes, current state, and plans for the year 2022 and tried to give the visitors a closer view into what has been achieved and celebrated the engineering talents driving that success.   

Finally, at the end of the event, Darko Todorovic touched upon the challenges we face and our ambitions to join our strengths and solve any complexities that are blocking or might be blocking our way in the future. One of the topics he covered was an employee retention rate and discussed how important it is to nurture the culture of openness and transparency and offer a world of opportunities for personal and professional advancement on all levels. He also talked about the Competency Framework and Evaluation Process designed to allow employees to gain a better insight into their strengths and weaknesses and have enough time and space to develop their career path further and show their true potential. Finally, he shared some of the goals and plans for 2022.   

HTEC Group - Marko Pavlovic: Engineering and Delivery Team Meetup: 2021 Year in Review

This was a perfect opportunity for our colleagues from Engineering and Delivery team to get together, exchange experiences and have a bigger picture of how far we have come and where we are heading. And there is no stopping. We like to believe that we are the innovation enablers ready to accelerate our clients’ future and the future of those around us.   

We are honoured to be recognized for making an impact that matters for clients, people, and society. We will continue helping them take a big move toward their digital transformation and encourage our people to get curious, get out of their comfort zones, make an impact and grow continuously.   

HTEC Group: Engineering and Delivery Team Meetup: 2021 Year in Review

You want to make an impact. We want you to make it.   

If you are a change-maker and opportunity creator curious enough to build solutions that will make a difference, explore some career opportunities and join our ambitious and thriving engineering and delivery team.