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Growth: What Does It Mean to Our People?

If you have been following us for the past year, then you must have heard the word G r o w t h 

Indeed, from less than 300 employees at the beginning of 2020 to 1000+ employees by the end of the year, major acquisitions of Execom, Konstrukt and Momentum, development of departments within HTEC, significant leadership advancements, and new job roles, we as a company have grown in a short period of time, and so have our teams and our people.  

But what does this all mean and what value does it bring to the real powerhouse of our organization — the people? How does it contribute to their professional and personal development? Why does it matter in the first place? 

We asked a few of our colleagues what value HTEC growth brings to them and how it powers their own career development and continuous self-growth.  

H: What does this recent rapid growth of HTEC Group mean to you? 

The rapid growth that we are experiencing is a great opportunity for all of us at HTEC considering how exposed we are to the most ground-breaking projects globally. Personally, this is a great opportunity for me to work with very smart people that want to change the world through innovation. Imagine the impact you can create when you are working on product innovation in perpetuity, and you are helping these products grow and build a better future for all of us. When you are part of a company that is growing like HTEC, then you have the exposure to a large number of projects from different technology and industry domains, and a chance to collaborate with leading world entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators. Considering that we are encouraging people to grow and that we are growing ourselves by growing others, HTEC is a great playground for building new unicorns and great new leaders.” — Dejan Pokrajac, Senior Engineering and Delivery Manager at HTEC Group 

HTEC Group

H: What, in your opinion, is the biggest milestone you have achieved during the last year at HTEC? 

“In April last year, I was promoted to Android technical lead. The new position allowed me to work directly with even more great people, to guide my team members, help them get relevant experience so they can achieve their full potential, and exchange knowledge with them and learn a lot in the process. Furthermore, I got involved in tech-related strategy initiatives through the Tech Excellence network of engineers and became an ambassador of technology excellence way of working and company values. By the end of 2021, the Android team has expanded by 50%, and the goal is to continue the growth trend this year as well.” — Aleksandra Vojinovic, Android Tech Lead at HTEC Group 

H: How have opportunities for professional growth at HTEC Group enhanced your personal experience? 

We are working with professionals around the globe, supporting and delivering innovative projects in different industries; we are involved in the world of entrepreneurs and investors, and we do really have an opportunity to grow and to make an impact. On one hand, we are exposed to the international market and while we are trying to keep the pace, we are growing, and we are helping others grow. On the other hand, it’s also important to learn, educate, and develop ourselves systematically and continually. While having this in mind, and having hands-on experience in an international business playground, you really have an opportunity to showcase your best self.  

In my experience, working in HTEC is like working in a start-up where you have the possibility and freedom to change things and exploit all the opportunities you are faced with. Best of all is that your actions are welcomed, supported, and needed, too. I feel this energy every morning I come to work, and I can recognize that same energy in other people as well. And just like in a start-up, if you think you can handle something, you can and should take the responsibility from start to finish. An environment like this and this kind of freedom are something that really drives me and keeps me motivated over and over again. Following the scaling that HTEC Group has experienced as a company, and with this kind of mindset, the opportunities are endless for each one of us.”  Dragan Sakota, Engineering and Delivery Lead  

People first   

In an era of workplace upheaval, it is important to focus our efforts on identifying the moments that matter for our employees and make them fulfilled. It is critical to build an environment that empowers everyone to create and be in charge of their own destinies. From software engineers and leadership roles to finance, legal and operations, everyone in HTEC is given the opportunity to perform, grow and make their mark. Together, we grow as a company, as a team and as individuals.  

How does HTEC empower you to grow continuously?  

At HTEC, we nurture three key factors that help us shape a successful employee experience where everyone is encouraged to use their maximum potential to add value and feel a real sense of purpose.  

Continuous career development and growth — We provide a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth both vertically and horizontally. At our core, we are committed to believing and investing in our greatest value, people, through: 

  • Competency Framework – consists of three main groups of competencies: technical, core and leadership 
  • 3-way career path (technology expert, technology leadership and engineering leadership) 
  • An opportunity to work on core products for leading companies in the world 
  • An opportunity to lead large multicultural teams  
  • Helping our employees grow their foundational skills 
  • Diversity of thought driving collective innovation 

Working with the most disruptive clients globally — Our domain expertise and experience we have gained working on some of the most innovative projects allow us to see beyond the mere software solution that fixes an issue and focus on making revolutionary impacts that will make a change and help us develop professionally. Over the years, we have partnered with global corporates, research institutions, and disruptive startups and worked with C-level leaders of some of the most disruptive companies in the world from Sweden and Germany through the Netherlands to the east coast, midwest and west-coast. Our teams talk directly with C-level executives in these companies about their business models, the competition they are facing, challenges they encounter in their struggle to position themselves on the market. We deliver excellence by treating our clients as our partners and peers, showing them a world of opportunities where we can positively influence their business. 

Groundbreaking projects — From building medical devices, adding algorithms to microchips, optimizing routes for all the ships in the Pacific, through building robots, recording fetal ECG, crunching petabytes of data on a daily level to making ML libraries for the latest chips in mobile phones and building huge robotic machines that build those chips, our passion for solving complex engineering problems is embedded in the company’s DNA. Expertise, next-generation technologies and 10+ years of experience gained working on challenging projects have helped us build the engineering power needed to create ground-breaking solutions. 

Grow yourself by growing others  

Whatever career road excites you, you can discover it at HTEC. There’s a whole world of connections to make, from meaningful projects and inspirational people to world-leading clients. We provide you with all the support you need to grow because there are so many opportunities to explore before you find your place. And HTEC is there to empower you to show your true potential, embrace a change and make your mark.  

At our core, we are committed to believing and investing in our greatest value, people.   

So, where do you fit?   

Explore career opportunities and join our growing team. We can’t wait to meet you.