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HTEC Junior Development Program: Our Participants’ Perspective

It’s a great time to join HTEC Group. Our growing team is expanding rapidly, and we are committed and ambitious to become a leader in delivering the most innovative software solutions globally. We need ambitious young talents like you to join our mission and make an impact with us. We offer opportunities in different cities in the region, including Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Nis. Ready to take up the challenge? Visit our site and join our Junior Development Program.  

Great! But, we guess many questions are swarming in your head now. What can you expect from the JDP? What are the mentors like? How can you leverage the knowledge you gain once you complete the program? How much will you learn, and what future challenges await you? 

Worry not! We’ve had a chat with our amazing interns to help you get an insider’s view and a bigger picture of what it looks like to be a part of our JDP prograe. 

HTEC: How does the HTEC Junior Development Program support your ambitions?

Aleksandra Lakic: HTEC Junior Development Program provided me with a great starting point for a career in the IT industry. The whole concept of the program supports constant growth and knowledge sharing more than I expected in this short period, so I’d say my ambitions grew as well.

Boris Lazarevic: This program helped me enter the world of programming. Before this program, I hadn’t had any experience in this field. This program allowed me to expand my knowledge of front-end and dive much deeper into other technologies. I am very grateful to be part of it because I have a chance to improve every day and learn from people that have been in this business for many years. 

Vesna Stojanovic: This program provided me with an opportunity to work on a real-life project. Everyone is assigned a mentor to work with and learn from.

HTEC: Why did you apply for our Junior Development Program?

Dragan Batinic: I applied because many experts from the IT industry emphasized that HTEC Junior Development Program is the best place to learn how to think like a QA engineer, how to work in a team on the same project, and how to use different tools, frameworks, libraries, etc. for automation software testing.

 Vuk Bursac: I had a huge desire to grow in this field and learn as much as possible, so I was searching for a chance to prove myself. HTEC Group was an inspiration to me during my studies, and it still inspires me to be the best version of myself. 

Milos Krejic: HTEC Junior Development Program was recommended to me by many people. I heard that it is a well-organized and challenging program, ideal for acquiring all the necessary knowledge and skills to become a professional software developer. 

HTEC: How does this Junior Development Program match up with your expectations? (What did you expect, and what did you get?)

Milan Milic: To be completely honest, I wasn’t expecting this kind of program. But, after a few days, I was literally blown away by the whole concept. We are learning about everything, the entire lifecycle of one real project. And after sharing my experiences and discussing how close this is to a real project with my friends, I became more confident and more excited about the program.

Dejana Cavric: Junior Development Program exceeded my expectations because we have learned a lot about the whole project and the process. Our mentors helped us learn from practice and really get prepared for real commercial projects.

Ivan Kukrkic: I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised with the program’s scope and the opportunity to work on an exciting project.

HTEC: How do you like working with your team?

Uros Stokovic: I enjoy working with them, and I am more successful at work when I have a team supporting me. Different team members contribute in different ways, and their synergy can produce creative and productive results. We are also very good friends, and it is fun to hang out with them. 

Djordje Simic: My team and I started great. I have never experienced this kind of synergy. 

Dusan Stanic: My team is my second home. We felt the fantastic energy between us the moment we first met. The key to this successful relationship is the willingness of all team members to work together to improve the team’s performance while working on our project.  

HTEC: What is the most important thing you got from your mentors, and how would you describe your relationship with your mentors?

Sasa Avramovic: Mentors are very supportive and give us an outstanding balance of requirements, motivation, and shared knowledge. They use the “learn by doing” approach instead of offering us solutions — they motivate us to find those solutions by ourselves, which is the best way to learn.

Boris Nedeljkovic: Dino Rac and Nemanja Mircic both took their role very seriously. Throughout the entire program, they encouraged us to use our brainpower to find solutions and learn along the way.

Elena Milosevic: They taught us how to think and work smart. This is a complex process, learning is still in progress, but I feel we are on the right track. They really spent a lot of time discussing different issues with us, commenting on our code, and showing better ways to do something. They are excellent mentors. 

HTEC: What are the most important things you have learned during this program?

Mia Pecelj: The most important thing I learned is a new way of thinking when approaching a problem. I learned to have a broader picture of a problem and try to come up with a solution that covers all possible scenarios while also thinking about the best architecture and coding practices.

Jakov Barton: In addition to improving my skills, I have learned many other valuable things. I learned a lot about teamwork, planning, and development of the project itself, exchanging ideas with other colleagues from the company, SCRUM methodology, meetings, conversations with the client, and many other valuable things.

Pavle Jacovic: The ability to learn something new from scratch and improve it to a decent level; the ability to research abstract concepts and implement practical stuff from those concepts.

HTEC: What were the biggest challenges you have come across during this program?

Dragan Sentic: The biggest challenge on the project was to follow the whole process of forming the architecture and making parts of the project from the very beginning, while, on the other hand, this was also the most interesting part.

Milos Kozic: We usually deal with challenges as a team, which allows us to overcome them more easily.

Aleksandra Lakic: The biggest challenges during this program are related to my character. Giving presentations to the client and public speaking are not something I’m comfortable with. But, with the help of my mentors and my team, I managed to come out of my comfort zone. 

HTEC: What advice would you give to future participants?

Peter Marcuk: Don’t cut corners, do your best, and trust the process. 

Jovan Popovic: I would tell them to be ready to learn a lot in a short time and to talk to their mentors about the things they don’t know. They shouldn’t be shy to reach out to their mentors. Mentors have their responsibilities besides mentoring, so they might not be available at every moment, but they will gladly help you out in the shortest period.

Aljosa Boskovic: To be persistent and not to give up, because if they give their best to learn and be a team player, people in the company will recognize their commitment and help them get start their career in IT. 

HTEC: Is there anything else you’d like to highlight?

Boris Nedeljkovic: I would like to thank the whole HTEC team for giving us an opportunity to be a part of this fantastic atmosphere. 

Boris Lazarevic: I’d like to highlight the people at HTEC Group. All of them are eager to transfer knowledge and give advice. They encouraged me to continue to improve myself. HTEC Group is definitely the place where I can imagine myself in the future.

Dejana Cavric: I was amazed with the friendliness, willingness to help and patience of all HTEC people I’ve had a chance to meet during the program. 

Ready to make a change?

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Want to know what it’s like to be a part of the JDP and what values does it bring? We talked with our mentors about what makes this program stand out from the rest. So, stay tuned!!!