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Nordic Testing Days: Our Colleagues’ Point of View

Here at HTEC Group, we celebrate knowledge-sharing culture and are always looking to learn and share our brain power with our team and the community. We believe people are our most valuable assets. And we know that human factors activate collective intelligence. This is why we always focus on connecting our people with the power of knowledge

This time, our two experts Milovan Pocek, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Uros Stanisic, Engineering Lead, had an opportunity to participate in the Nordic Testing Days Conference on June 4th. 

About Nordic Testing Days 

Nordic Testing Days is an annual conference primarily focused on software testers. It’s an excellent opportunity to gather all the enthusiasts willing to dip their toes in testing and contribute to smoother software development quality and cycle. Its goal is to bring testing knowledge to a higher level and encourage professionals to deliver excellent software. Also, this is a great chance to nurture the profession of software testing and help people network and dive deeper into the community. 

We talked to our colleagues Milovan and Uros to hear their impressions:

Milovan Pocek — Quality Assurance Engineer

Milovan presented his topic “Let’s Get Cloud — Introduction to Functional Testing of Microsoft Azure.” We asked him to share his thoughts on the conference: 

“The conference was extremely well-organized. What I liked the most is how well-prepared the conference was, which supercharged me to give my best at presenting the topic. Also, there were many thought-provoking questions at the end of the presentation, which sparked my curiosity. Considering the Covid-19 circumstances and the fact that this event had to take place online, the audience was mainly focused on the content and presentation, which brings even more value to the entire event.”

However, Milovan says that he misses the live interaction with the audience. 

“What I miss the most is the interaction and socialization in the hallways where real networking happens. I hope that this will change soon and get back to normal so we could exchange our knowledge and experience in person. Still, given the circumstances, the online format of this event was seamlessly organized. It was a pleasant experience overall, and I am looking forward to the next opportunity to attend this event.” 

Uros Stanisic — Engineering Lead

Uros presented the topic “A Fundamental Cookbook for Testing (with) Hardware”.

“I was pleasantly surprised with many questions I received at the end of the presentation as well as with the entire organization and inventiveness of the event organizers. This conference stands out from the rest I have attended so far. 

Also, I have been presenting at conferences for the last eight years, and I must say this is one of the conferences I really wanted to take part in as a speaker. I think that this is one of the top conferences in Europe as it usually has an interesting outline and inspirational topics presented by impressive speakers. I am privileged to have had the opportunity to share the stage with such experts.”

Get Ready for the Upcoming Events 

We believe it’s imperative that we differentiate valuable knowledge from general knowledge and that we are able to see our expertise in a broader context. This is how we contribute. 

We’re moving forward with building our knowledge-transfer culture, and our colleagues are part of the equation! 

We’re happy to announce that our experts Jelica Kapetina and Milovan Pocek will be speakers at the SEETEST Conference in Belgrade in September. Stay tuned for more details!