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PM/SM Handbook: A Guide for Project Managers and Scrum Masters at HTEC Group 

It is often expected from project managers to be multidisciplinary, communication magicians, coping with challenges in all fields. And what happens when something creaks even with the most experienced ones? In today’s information world, it has never been easier to find all the necessary information in a matter of seconds and find the right data or seek a piece of advice. The problem arises when excessive browsing leads to inaccurate data, poor diagnosis, or getting lost in a whirlpool of useless information.  

If you are part of HTEC group, you will not find yourself in these kinds of situations. When the project management office was formed as a cross functional Engineering and delivery service, it was impossible to predict how much the PMO would do for project management in HTEC and the rest of the company at the same time. And creating a handbook for project managers and scrum masters in HTEC Group is one of the milestones we have achieved in this year. 

PM/SM handbook: project management reimagined  

One of the PMO subgroups, a Workgroup for Handbook, Standardization and Onboarding process, made up of several project managers and scrum masters gathered around wonderful idea to create a Handbook. This PM/SM Handbook, that was successfully created in just 5 months, is tailored to HTEC group needs. It is the North Star and an oasis of knowledge for colleagues within the company, especially for the newcomers. This group was made up of less experienced PMs who knew how to ask the right questions and more experienced ones who selflessly shared their knowledge and experience.   

PM/SM Handbook covers the complete life cycle of a project, from the lead conversion to long-term, successful cooperation with clients. This is why PMs were not the only ones in charge of writing this HandbookInstead, they were under the Engineering and Delivery group patronage and wholeheartedly supported by Business Development Office strategists, visual poets from Product Innovation Office, technical magicians from Tech Excellence Office and law keepers from the Legal Department.  

This reading material is something that will intrigue both project managers who want to learn something new, renew their knowledge or get acquainted with project management processes within HTEC and people who are curious to know more about the things that encompass one project’s life cycle process. This is a true story based on our best project managers’ experiences, guiding the readers through most fruitful practices, conflict solving, risk management and much more.  

As the Head of PMO, Marko Pavlovic would say: “Each project manager is the captain of their own ship and this PM/SM Handbook is a lighthouse that will guide them when needed”. So, don’t wait too long, but leverage this handbook to show your maximum potential and shine. 

Knowledge sharing as our north star  

Here at HTEC Group, we celebrate knowledge-sharing culture and are always looking to learn and share our brain power with our team and the community. We believe people are our most valuable assets. And we know that human factors activate collective intelligence. This is why we always focus on connecting our people with the power of knowledge 

This is why we recently kicked off  a series of workshops that will help our managers make smarter and faster decisions through critical thinking that will take our organization into the future. Read more about it here

We also initiated Project Management Certification to find the best way to recognize excellence among our Project Managers, and further develop and preserve their unique capabilities. Read more about it here

We are only warming up! There will many more exciting events and activities in the upcoming year. Stay tuned!

Want to become a part of our thriving project management team and improve your knowledge continuously? Explore our career opportunities.