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Why Innovation is Not Driven only by Good Ideas, but the Right Network as Well

Rock-solid products or services often help define success and determine the performance of company operations. But having a great product or service cannot take the place of committed efforts to drive change. It’s collaboration that fuels innovation — strong products and services are nearly always the product of strong relationships. 

However, it is easy to overlook the importance of sharing empathy, knowledge, time and dedication toward the goal of creating new technology innovations and just focus on cost, efficiency, time, and ROI. If there isn’t a mutual togetherness around the goal at hand, the work often becomes tenuous and contentious. 

How We View Powerful Collaboration

Building authentic alliances is much more than making fixed deals and signing contracts. It is about building meaningful relationships based on mutual trust and support — teams need to trust that they are safe exploring new innovative opportunities. 

Trust, safety, and innovation are inextricably bound — meeting customers where they are at, and working through first-time problems requires building a relationship where a high sense of risk is mitigated by strong bonds and alignment. When trust is built intentionally, innovation blossoms and delivers results.

But, successful collaborations do not materialize overnight — they require dedication and consistent work. Our greatest success emanates from the people we know and understand, as well as the people we meet through others. While those connections surely have transactional purposes, they are built on a deeper mutual desire to innovate, build, grow, and succeed. In essence, business relationships frequently rest on the same foundation as personal relationships: trust, relevancy, authenticity, empathy, passion, and community

So, how do we make an impact? We look for building relationships with people that share those same ambitions.

Stronger Together in the Time of Crisis 

The pandemic raised the stakes associated with digital presence and digital relationships. E-business rapidly made the world smaller and connections instantaneous, making the human element of human-driven connection seem increasingly distant. 

Since Covid-19 started pressuring companies to future-proof their business models, the need for collaboration, empathy, and understanding became one of the most influential tools for success emerging from the pandemic. 

No single mechanism can take the place of committed efforts to share the same ambition with others, nor the drive to create a consistently positive impact through the work you can do together. 

Sharing in risk to keep one another afloat is a great example of growing tremendously strong relationships through adversity. With the pandemic disrupting all corners of life, collaborative relationships built on mutual trust have accelerated and reached new levels of intimacy. 

Adversarial relationships rapidly turned into partnerships as both parties gained a real sense of “we are in this together”, as HTEC Group did.

Raising Collaboration to Unparalleled Heights 

We fully understand the importance of return on investment. But we also believe that a strong return on investment derives from the quality of connection built over time. Relating to people on the purpose of their project, and sharing in the ambition to emerge with something exponentially better than when the relationship started builds affinity between people and between brands. 

Better said, strong products and services result from meaningful relationships. Great vendors with whom you can establish strong working relationships create transformative experiences and products. This is our goal at HTEC, and we have done it time and time again across the world.  

We partner with leading technology companies and research organizations to solve complex engineering problems and deliver deep technology solutions. Large portions of our work result in transformative changes for our clients. Strategic alliances are paramount to HTEC Group — they drive our business model and our success, as well as the success of many similar technology consulting and digital product development firms. 

For instance, Minnesota-based Marani Health is building AI-based fetal and maternal telehealth solutions and is developing a technologically advanced solution that will make pregnancy safer, reduce unnecessary outcomes such as C-sections, and, ultimately, save lives. HTEC Group dedicated a team to develop pioneering hardware and firmware for the product, and a software platform in suit. This project centers around the powerful goal of addressing a gaping hole when it comes to maternal and fetal health products. The dedication of our client to this goal led HTEC to invest directly in the company, affirming our commitment to reach this goal together. 

In Europe, HTEC Group developed a platform that will reshape the future of the tanker shipping industry with elite thought-leaders across markets. By harvesting the information about all the tankers worldwide, HTEC spun out a joint-venture that is capable of not only tracking the competition but also predicting the near-future actions that should be taken to optimize fleet sustainability and utilization. By joining forces we built a solution that now has the potential to improve the entire maritime transportation ecosystem — from Montenegro to Minnesota — through data and technology.

We put great effort into joining mission-driven organizations in markets across the world, like Medical Alley Association in Minnesota, with the mission to become a part of some of the most successful HealthTech companies in the world, and the #1 Innovation Hub in the Nordics, THINGS Sweden, which brings more than 100 selected companies and more than 600 Swedish organizations looking for tech support and counseling, and great networking opportunities.  

As our CEO, Aleksandar Cabrilo, points out in his interview: “This is what actually happens — when the economy is on its rise, this is the time to build a business—when the crisis strikes, it is time to build a reputation. And reputation is vital in both the good and the bad times.” 

Driving Partner Success in Minnesota 

We chose to come to Minnesota for communal and strategic reasons. We saw a need for multi-faceted technology and digital transformation partners. We also know that strong relationships are of the utmost importance here. 

Thankfully, we grew up here, and we formed some of our closest relationships here. We now have an opportunity to not only deepen and expand those relationships but to establish HTEC Group as a technology asset to the people and businesses that drive the most impact in these communities. 

More than most, B2B relationships need established, strong reputations, and a sense of trust resonating in the right circles to find success – making market entry (in the middle of a pandemic) particularly challenging. But we believe our values, the depth of our commitment, and the strength of our products and services position us for great success here.

HTEC Group has been present in Minnesota since Q4 of 2020 and plans to significantly grow our client relationships and connection to this region, anchored in our dedication to collaboration, deep engineering, technical, and digital product expertise, we are here to help answer the toughest questions and deliver the innovation that will help build a better tomorrow. 

Tapping into the Forefront of Disruption 

We solve complex problems that help companies across the globe to reinvent their business models and reach the stars on their digital sky. We grow by growing others, and we do not take no for an answer. The breadth of our expertise and the depth of our engagement with clients is the engine that allows us to embrace and harness disruptive change. 

A thick strand of collaboration runs through our DNA. Powered by our dedication to clients, we bring you robust, scalable, bespoke solutions that will not only help you survive but also thrive in this ever-changing digital landscape. We are on our mission to position ourselves as an innovation ecosystem builder that makes the impossible possible – for a better future for all of us. 

And we are in this together

Reach out to us to learn why we are the right partner to help you transform your digital DNA.