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Creating New Synergies: The University of Banja Luka and HTEC Group 

We are excited to share that the University of Banja Luka and HTEC Group signed a Cooperation Agreement which will provide both students and professors of the University, as well as HTEC engineers and experts, with numerous opportunities to grow professionally and personally through internship programmes, in-house lectures, and mutual scientific and research activities.   

With this collaboration, we want to help young engineers and professors get inspired, chase their ambitious dreams, connect with a number of incredible people and finally choose the right career path which would allow them to thrive continuously.  

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Connecting students to their future  

HTEC Group and University of Banja Luka

Two years ago, HTEC Group established a development centre in Banja Luka which now hires more than eighty engineers, designers and other experts who are working on the development of digital products with some of the most disruptive companies in the world. HTEC experts have a deep knowledge of the entire spectrum of technologies needed for the development of some of the most complex software and hardware solutions.  

With more than eighty clients from the field of logistics, sales, medicine, finance, and other industries, they can provide the students of the University of Banja Luka with an opportunity to work with the latest technologies and keep up with the trends on the global market. It is important to emphasize that a multidisciplinary approach is needed to work on such complex projects, which represents a unique opportunity to involve students of different faculties on various projects not only as software engineers but also as domain experts, business analysis, product and project managers and designers. 

To learn more about the HTEC office in Banja Luka, read HTEC Group in Banja Luka and The First Year of HTEC’s Banja Luka Office.  

HTEC Group and University of Banja Luka

Junior Development Program in Banja Luka: fostering the future of engineering  

Our well-known and quite competitive three-month long Junior Development Program, which enables young engineers to work on real-world projects from idea conception to building a solution will start in Banja Luka at the beginning of the next year. This programme will enable young super minds to learn about all the necessary processes, technologies and get an insight into what it looks like to work in agile methodologies. Our mentors are there to help students map out the road they want to take to get ready for this adventure.  

To find out more about the programme, visit our JDP Academy page.  

To find out more about our what the participants of the JDP think about the programme, read HTEC JDP: Our Participants’ Perspective.  

To learn more about our mentors, read HTEC JDP: Our Mentors’ Perspective.  

Making an impact through industry-academia collaboration 

HTEC Group and University of Banja Luka

Innovation starts with insight and seeing challenges in a new way. Our breadth, depth, and scale, and passion for business innovation combined with aspiring and creative young minds from accredited academic institutions will create powerful opportunities for them to work with the best, on some of the most exciting projects, deliver impact that matters, and transform disruption into lasting value. 

HTEC has already built innovative solutions in collaboration with academic institutions in the region, and USA. Some of them include the Soft-Grab Robotic Hand, brilliant project powered by the collaboration between Faculty of Electronic Engineering, University of Nis and the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Also, in collaboration with UCLA University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, HTEC Group worked on the development of deep brain stimulation device for people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The professors at the University of Banja Luka together with the HTEC experts will have a chance to work on similar ground-breaking projects in future.   

To find out more about our Robotic Hand solution, read The Rise of the Soft Robotic Hand: The Story Behind.  

Breaking the boundaries of knowledge and innovation  

We are expanding super-fast, opening new development centers in countries including Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia. This year, HTEC opened three new development centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina — in Sarajevo, Tuzla, and Bijeljina, in addition to our Banja Luka office.The opening of new development centres marks a further step in our investment and commitment to being the best engineering company in South East Europe. With these centres in the region, bringing our global digital capability and investing in aspiring talent, we hope to contribute to building innovative and technology-enabled world leading solutions.  

Code for a better future  

From challenging projects to a strategic focus on career development (HTEC strategy supports career development, including both horizontal and vertical career advancements within the company), we want to provide engineering talents across SE Europe a chance to harness the power of technology and get involved in building some of the most innovative solutions that will move the needle without having to leave their countries.  

We are growing rapidly — recently, we acquired one of the top product design studios in Silicon Valley). And we are not stopping here!  

If you are a change-maker and opportunity creator willing to be part of the vibrant community where everyone has the freedom to make an impact on the world through technology and knowledge, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey.    

To explore career opportunities and more than 100 open positions, contact us We are here to help you make your mark.