HTEC at CES 2024

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AI, Automotive, Embedded, Robotics, no topic is off limits.

HTEC is the digital product design and engineering firm powering the platforms you use daily from many of the world’s largest brands.

From embedded solutions in the communications and automotive industries to AI-led user experiences in retail and tech, our teams work alongside global enterprises to tackle their toughest technology challenges, enabling them to solve problems before their competitors and get to market faster.

If you haven’t heard of us yet, you’ve definitely heard of the products and platforms we’ve built. Explore some of our capabilities below.

Meet with the HTEC team during CES 2024

If you would like to connect with HTEC in Las Vegas, either on the show floor or in our Caesars Palace suite – let us know.

You could win $50,000 toward an AI proof-of-concept!

· Winners will be notified by the end of January 2024.
· PoC kick-off with HTEC must happen within the first half of 2024.
· Multiple winners are possible.

    Success stories


    Pushing the frontiers of the automotive industry: What to expect from shared mobility? HTEC Group


    Accelerate your automotive business towards a more digitized, sustainable, and connected world with next-gen, software-defined vehicle solutions.

    Transport & Logistics

    Streamline the freight and logistics industry through predictive insights, automation, and optimization driven by industry-leading technologies and our technology expertise.

    Retail & Consumer

    Create engaging customer experiences and drive market growth backed by our expertise and innovative approach.


    Emerging technologies

    Embrace the next wave of innovation with industry-leading technologies. Automate and optimize your operations, enhance customer experience, save costs, and innovate ahead of market.

    Data solutions & AI

    Accelerate your data-driven decisions with our end-to-end big data analytics, machine learning, management, governance, security, and visualization solutions.