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HTEC Group Named One of the 50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers in the US in 2021

HTEC Group was just named one of the “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers in the US in 2021″. It’s an honor to receive this award, and in 2021 it means more than ever. 

CIOReview Recognizes HTEC Group as One of the Key Healthcare Solution Providers in 2021

Recently, CIOReview, a leading print and online magazine that bridges the gap between enterprise IT vendors & buyers by providing intelligence on agile technology solutions across industries, featured HTEC Group as one of the leading healthcare technology providers in 2021. 

It’s a real honor and a privilege to be featured among the 50 most promising healthcare solution providers. Driven by the synergy of our technology and industry experts, we succeeded in creating digital healthcare solutions that can improve and even save many lives. And we are deeply grateful for this recognition. 

CIOReview published an article where our President and Co-Founder of HTEC Group, Dusan Kosic, unveils the values HTEC Group brings to healthcare and other industries worldwide.

To learn more about how HTEC Group enables breakthroughs in MedTech and Healthcare industries, read the full CIOReview article

Why Are We among the “50 Most Promising Healthcare Solution Providers”?

Technology will be a critical enabler in the future of health. In these testing times, the role of digital has been raised to a higher level in playing a part in the way we treat those around us. 

While HTEC Group builds solutions to diverse clients across many industries, one of our critical missions is to play an essential part in reshaping the future of the healthcare industry. 

We leverage our experience, expertise in data science, AI, software, and embedded engineering to accelerate health tech innovation flow and provide outstanding consulting and development services to benefit healthcare providers and their patients. 

Being focused on our mission, we have developed end-to-end telehealth and MedTech solutions for our clients. HTEC Group helps healthcare companies develop digital products and capabilities to pursue innovation that enables them to provide their patients and healthcare practitioners with a faster and more accurate diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring. 

We have so far provided cutting-edge solutions in the healthcare space to achieve the best possible health outcomes:

AI-Based Fetal and Maternal Telehealth Product 

Powered by our collaboration with Marani, we have created a technologically advanced solution that will make pregnancy safer, reduce unnecessary outcomes such as C-sections, and, ultimately, save lives.  

Read more about it here

Forbes recognized HTEC Group and Marani Health for MedTech Innovation. You can read the full article here

Helping Our Clients Utilize Healthcare Data  

We help organizations acquire and analyze large amounts of data from genome sequencing, digital health records, and sensors to be able to use the gathered insights to advance the capabilities of their upcoming telehealth products and bring real value to consumers’ health and lifestyle. 

A Skin Cancer Detection Solution 

By integrating our profound experience and top medical expertise, we have helped build a medical imaging and skin cancer detection solution capable of analyzing patients’ skin conditions, including melanoma. 

Brain Stimulation System 

Our deep brain stimulation system solution helps clinicians make informed decisions and perform the right therapy for patients suffering from neuro-psychological illnesses. 

Humeds – the Advanced Portable ECG Monitoring Solution

To enable patients to record high-quality ECG signals at home and then notify medical practitioners about any changes in real time, we developed an AI-based complete breakthrough telehealth solution that includes a device, software, and an app. This solution is called Humeds

You can find out more about it here

Neuromodulation Platform 

Our non-pharmacological neuromodulation platform has helped clinicians quickly scan the position of the implant in the patient’s body and move it without having to expose the patient to X-rays multiple times. This solution significantly improves chronic pain treatment.

How HTEC Group Drives Innovation in Healthcare

We connect with our clients on a deeper level, understanding their business, the industry and the customers they serve, their product and digitalization vision as well as their pain points…We give our clients peace of mind when it comes to digital product and technology development, allowing them to focus on their business“, says Dusan Kosic, President and Co-Founder of HTEC Group for the technology magazine CIOReview. 

Our ambition and focus is to help build a smarter health ecosystem that would help organizations become resilient, robust, and efficient digital healthcare leaders that can deliver on their mission to their communities. 

We Will Continue to Transform the Journey of Care 

Our focus is to help organizations not only in the field of healthcare and MedTech but also across other industries drive their digital transformation and make their impact in the world and the society we all are part of. 

As a service company, we learned early enough that we could be successful only if our clients are successful. That’s why we always go an extra mile to support them in achieving their desired success as this is directly proportional to our success.” – explains Kosic. 

We hope to continue to bring breakthrough innovation in healthcare, help our clients productize their scientific research and findings, and, ultimately, bring those digital MedTech solutions to the market to improve and modernize healthcare for future generations.

To learn more about how we can help you build a solution that would help someone else, reach out to us. Our experts are at your side. 

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