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HTEC Supports the BEST Youth

This December, HTEC had the privilege of supporting the Artificial Intelligence Battleground (AIBG) competition, organized for the third time by the BEST student association.

The AIBG competition is a 24-hour hackathon that gathers teams made out of students from technology and science colleges across Serbia. This year, due to the pandemic, the competition was held online, and 12 teams were tasked with writing an autonomous intelligent bot capable of playing a video game on its own, as well as competing with other bots. The task was revealed at the very beginning of the competition, and over the next 24 hours, the teams entered a frantic race to write a bot to rule them all.

The competition has gathered a total of 45 participants from six different colleges from Belgrade and Nis, with teams using a diverse set of programming languages to create their bots — from Python and Java to GoLang.

Once the dust has settled, the one bot standing tall above others was created by the RAF 101 team, featuring students from Belgrade’s School of Computing, who had also won the previous AIBG competition. The second-place team featured a combination of students from the School of Electrical Engineering and the Faculty of Mathematics, while another team from the School of Electrical Engineering took the third place.

The winning team during the visit to the HTEC office

As a golden partner of the competition, HTEC had the opportunity to introduce the competitors to our company, with our colleagues Branimir Ackovic and Aleksandar Makragic providing an overview of our project work with a particular focus on AI.

This past Friday, HTEC had the pleasure of hosting the three top-ranked teams in our Belgrade offices. Branimir Ackovic once again served as the host, giving the bright tech talents a closer look at what we do and how we do it. The students will also have their competition code reviewed by some of our top engineers, who will give them further advice on any areas of improvement.

Additionally, the students got the opportunity to meet HTEC’s president Dusan Kosic, who encouraged them to continue the pursuit of their technological passion and assured them that HTEC will be delighted to serve as a platform for their continued development.

The top three teams joined by HTEC president Dusan Kosic

HTEC has an established tradition of working with the most promising young technological minds through our internship programs. Our support for events such as the AIBG competition serves not only as an encouragement and the recognition to talented tech students and a chance to introduce them to HTEC, but also our encouragement for the organizers themselves to continue to put on engaging and innovative events that can stimulate the most gifted students and show them the fun and the joy of technological creation.

We will continue to support initiatives that help nurture and develop our tech community and provide growth opportunities for the upcoming generations of talents looking to hone and apply their skills on meaningful and impactful technological projects.