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How the Acquisition of Execom Powers HTEC’s Expansion Plans

Ever since the company’s inception, HTEC leadership has seen continuous expansion and growth as the only path towards achieving the set objective of becoming a globally recognized consulting and technology development brand.

HTEC Group has enjoyed a steady period of growth in recent years, being recognized as one of 10 fastest growing companies in Central Europe for three consecutive years and more than doubling its revenue growth year-on-year. Our broad expertise in the domain of digital transformation and technological innovation has been much sought after by global organizations whose digital capacities needed our support long before the Covid-19 outbreak, but the pandemic and its dramatic consequences in a broad range of industries have only reaffirmed our belief that we must continue to grow in order to answer the growing demand for sophisticated digital solutions backed by deep engineering.

Relying solely on organic growth could no longer support the ever-growing demand for our services, which is why we decided to expand our capacities through acquisition for the first time in our history.

Why we chose Execom

There are many reasons why we identified Execom as an ideal fit to join our family. Founded all the way back in 1995, Execom has spent a quarter-century steadily building its client portfolio and its international reputation as a highly-skilled and reliable technological partner. Over the years, the company has gained profound expertise in a variety of domains and established a significant presence in a wide range of markets and industries complementary with HTEC Group’s existing experience and expertise. Furthermore, both organizations share a strong affinity for providing solutions for the most complex business and technology challenges, as well as utmost dedication to the success of their partners.

Over the following lines, we will take a look at the key factors that have informed HTEC Group’s acquisition of Execom and how they further empower us to expand our capacity to provide high-end technology solutions for diverse corporate clients looking to accelerate their business.

Increased domain expertise for a greater impact across more verticals

The alignment of forces between HTEC and Execom enables us to provide a greater degree of industry-specific knowledge and deep domain expertise that can only be gained through project experience in the most challenging areas. Our shared experience spans a broad palette of verticals and allows us to formulate answers to the most demanding technological questions in the following areas:

  • HighTech & Software: the addition of Execom fortifies HTEC’s existing expertise in technological segments such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, computer vision, firmware and hardware modules, embedded software, while adding new layers to our collective know-how with experience in new and different areas, such as SatCom services.
  • MedTech & HealthTech: our joined experience further enables HTEC Group to provide solutions in various areas of medical and health technology — from the development of custom devices, medical software and digital platforms, and all the way to data engineering and data analytics, as well as security, compliance and regulatory verification. Coupled with the establishment of an HTEC Group branch in Minnesota — one of the global MedTech centers, the merger enables us to significantly increase our impact in the industry.
  • Transport Tech & Smart Mobility: HTEC Group’s extensive experience in enterprise-grade software, shipping, tracking, routing, and navigation technology is boosted by Execom’s expertise in public transport systems, with its solutions for cashless ticketing implemented on a national scale in The Netherlands.
  • RetailTech & Distribution: the combined experience of HTEC and Execom provides full technological support for the modern retailer, spanning customer experience, logistics, supply chain management, warehousing, payments, and security, as well as innovative implementations of cloud, AI, and IoT technologies.
  • FinTech & Banking: Execom brings its own rich experience in the creation and implementation of large-scale enterprise systems in the area of finance and banking to increase HTEC Group’s overall ability to create powerful solutions for investment planning, safe transactions, data analysis, and AI-powered innovation.
  • MediaTech & Entertainment: HTEC’s established expertise in this area gets a technical boost from the Execom ranks to create fully customized platforms and marketplaces and provide data analysis, IoT integration, and complete cross-platform support.
  • GreenTech & Energy: together, we provide end-to-end solutions with any combination of hardware, firmware, and software. We share extensive experience in application software, home & building automation, IoT, data processing, signal analysis, and energy management.
  • LabTech & ScienceTech: Execom has built its reputation in this area through 20+ years of work on some of the most demanding industry projects. Aside from software engineering and data management for a variety of analytical devices, HTEC Group now specializes in advanced calculations, compliance and regulatory verification, instrumentation, and automation.

Increased technical expertise and capacities for large-scale projects

Aside from acquiring a presence in new markets and an extensive client base, by joining forces with Execom HTEC Group has gained the most valuable asset of them all — the people whose work has built those very client relationships and earned a foothold in those markets. The team has been strengthened by close to two hundred highly trained and industry-tested software engineers, including a number of bona fide experts and presenters in international conferences relevant to their line of work.

Execom also adds a long-established tradition and practice of knowledge-sharing and mentoring which go hand in hand with HTEC’s focus on people development.

All of this significantly boosts HTEC’s technical capacities and enables us to be even more daring in our pursuit of the most challenging and innovative projects with the full confidence that our collective technical expertise supports our vast ambitions.

Aligned organizational cultures

HTEC and Execom share a number of defining organizational traits.

The appetite for solving complex technical and business challenges is at the core of both our teams, with a long-established track record of engineering excellence on highly demanding projects in diverse domains.

The pursuit of excellence extends to our approach to partnerships. We never limit ourselves to simply fulfilling the required tasks — we dive deep into the domain and work with our partners to truly understand their needs and create technological solutions that align with their vision and accelerate their business objectives.

Inwardly, we nurture a people-first environment where we inspire each other to push our limits and increase our impact on a professional scale. Execom has more than two decades of experience in building a nurturing and supportive workplace, and that experience is highly valuable to HTEC’s efforts to help the team members continue to flourish within our organization.

All of this, as well as a number of other bigger and smaller similarities such as complementary project work, shared geography and organizational values, enable a fast and seamless transition that has already yielded successful team overlap and collaboration, enabling HTEC to already maximize its expanded capacities.

The acquisition of Execom has announced a phase of rapid expansion for HTEC Group. It is the first step of an ambitious growth plan that will continue to unfold over the coming months and years (oh, and by the way, HTEC is hiring. A lot!).

We are excited about the challenges ahead of us and fully confident in our ability to create solutions that will empower the enterprises of the future.