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Starts at a roundtable with your leadership teams. Through a series of workshops, we analyze the business ecosystem, positions of stakeholders in the industry, value proposition and market challenges to design optimal transformation strategy and product roadmap that supports our customer’s core business objectives in the long run. Our methodology is built on experience working with the world’s leading digital companies and the most innovative startups.

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Acceleration at the intersection of business and technology. The solutions we deliver create long-term value for all stakeholders. Whether you seek to automate a business process, leverage the power of data and AI, improve performance or find new revenue streams — HTEC delivers the strategy to accelerate your business.

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Technology audit

Complete audit of customer’s current tech solution, including performance, security and scalability, as well as product market fit, compliance and regulatory framework analysis. Following the audit, we work with our customers to develop their technology strategy and product roadmap that align with their goals and market requirements, but also create new capabilities and revenue streams.

Investment evaluation

We also provide technology audits of companies for VC and PE investors who want to improve the odds of their investments. Investors rely on our evaluation to support their decision making process and provide negotiation leverage thought the assessment of the company’s technology assets, technical skills of the engineering team, possible security or performance bottlenecks, and scale potential.

Technology strategy

Your business can and should capitalize on new technology. We can help align your core business strategy and objectives with the most suitable technology roadmap which envisages either developing proprietary technology or adjusting and integrating existing solutions.

Platform thinking

If you are part of a fragmented industry with non-scalable gatekeepers, platform disruption is almost inevitable. By harnessing the power of data and integrated technologies, we design platforms that improve productivity, empower decision making, revolutionize customer experiences and bring new revenue streams that touch both your bottom and top lines.


Dedicated to designing digital products that matter to your market and customers. We are not just technology providers, we are innovation partners, strengthening our customer’s potential for game changing digital experiences. This is where our creativity meets deep engineering to design products that challenge the status quo, open new paths for interactions and unlock the value for each customer in a more flexible, tangible and personal way.

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Delivering innovation where powerful technologies converge. Following the design phase and the confirmation of requirements by all stakeholders, our engineering teams work along with product and design teams to deliver products that harness the power of integrated emerging technologies. Tangible value is generated for the customer’s business across products, services, and touch points with their customers.

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Custom Devices & Electronics


Data Engineering & Data Science


Applications - Web & Mobile


Platform Design


Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


Cloud Infrastructures


IoT - Internet of Things


Embedded Software & Firmware


Robotics & Automation


Supporting the enterprises of the future with scalable solutions. After a solution is successfully delivered, we provide maintenance plans for continuous support and expansion of our customer’s ability to stay innovative, experimental and agile at scale. Our promise is to always meet the evolving needs and expectations of our customers and partners.

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