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HTEC Culture
Dec 27, 2022

Protok Podcast: Recapped and Rebooted

“Protok” podcast owes its existence to a group of enthusiasts from Niš. It was back in 2018 that a small but mighty crew of technology aficionados gathered around the...
Nemanja Kovacev HTEC Group
HTEC Culture
Oct 24, 2022

From Surgery to Programming and Beyond

Nemanja Kovacev, MedTech domain expert at HTEC Group, with illustrious career and passion to contribute to the synergy of medicine and tech, is tasked with leading various initiatives w...
FI htec
HTEC Culture
Oct 3, 2022

A Proud Reflection on HTEC’s First Project Management Conference

Project management is a crucial area of software engineering. Its role and significance only increase with the growing scope and complexity of the work.   It is also a very dy...
Stronger together - cultural symmetry of HTEC and Mistral
HTEC Culture
Sep 6, 2022

What Connects Us: The Cultural Symmetry Fueling the Shared Future of HTEC and Mistral

In the public eye, mergers and acquisitions take place only for a brief moment in the spotlight: entity A joins entity B, some big numbers might be mentioned, and that’s the story...
HTEC Culture
Aug 12, 2022

#150 Stories: Aleksandar Kahriman – from Intern to Solution Architect in 7 Years

Promotions work on two levels – they signify the recognition of the growth of a team member but, in a broader sense, they also signal the values the organization chooses to promot...
HTEC Culture
Aug 1, 2022

HTEC Features: Sanja Bogdanovic Dinic on Data Science and Engineering as the Biggest Inspiration on Her Career Path    

Four years ago, Sanja joined HTEC with already extensive experience in R & D with focus on data science. She has since helped shape and grow HTEC data team. Her unsatiable curiosity...
HTEC Culture
Jul 25, 2022

#150 Stories: Anđelija Kocić – From Embracing to Creating Opportunities

One job promotion calls for celebration. And 150 promotions in a single month at HTEC not only testify to our people’s dedication and the amazing growth opportunities we create to...
HTEC Culture
Jul 22, 2022

Leap of Trust: Daniel Buleu on Joining HTEC Romania

International expansion of operations is a substantial endeavor. Each country presents its own list of unique challenges – operational, legal, or other.    Perhaps the...
Dino Rac - Featured
HTEC Culture
Jul 18, 2022

#150 Stories: Dino Rac

This May, HTEC has had the pleasure of promoting 150 of our team members to higher positions. Our growth has been marked by the emergence of countless opportunities for dedicated, fast-...

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