HTEC Culture

hexagon hexagon hexagon
HTEC Culture
May 24, 2023

Maximizing the Power of Experience

Fun fact: Despite a lifelong devotion to the exploration of natural sciences, HTEC’s newly appointed Head of Technology, Solution Architecture, only got into software engineering...
Peter Bisson, HTEC Group
HTEC Culture
May 11, 2023

Peter Bisson on the Key Processes Shaping the Tech Industry of Tomorrow

On the eve of his announcement as an addition to our Board of Directors, we took the opportunity to speak to Mr. Peter Bisson about the defining features of his career journey, his view...
HTEC Panel Discussion – Hack the Gender Gap: AI for All
HTEC Culture
Mar 8, 2023

HTEC Panel Discussion – Hack the Gender Gap: AI for All

Every year, HTEC organizes a series of events in March to mark International Women’s Day. Our goal is to recognize female accomplishments, raise awareness about some of the challe...
HTEC Culture
Mar 2, 2023

HTEC Idea Marathon – Hack the Gender Gap: AI for All

HTEC continues to mark International Women’s Day by organizing a series of events focused on women. What are some of the challenges women face in the present-day world? How do the...
HTEC Culture
Feb 10, 2023

HTEC Days 2023 Revisited

The closing days of January saw the yearly return of a young yet treasured tradition at HTEC, a large-scale avalanche of knowledge, insights, and discussions on some of the cr...
HTEC Culture
Dec 27, 2022

Protok Podcast: Recapped and Rebooted

“Protok” podcast owes its existence to a group of enthusiasts from Niš. It was back in 2018 that a small but mighty crew of technology aficionados gathered around the...
Nemanja Kovacev HTEC Group
HTEC Culture
Oct 24, 2022

From Surgery to Programming and Beyond

Nemanja Kovacev, MedTech domain expert at HTEC Group, with illustrious career and passion to contribute to the synergy of medicine and tech, is tasked with leading various initiatives w...
FI htec
HTEC Culture
Oct 3, 2022

A Proud Reflection on HTEC’s First Project Management Conference

Project management is a crucial area of software engineering. Its role and significance only increase with the growing scope and complexity of the work.   It is also a very dy...
Stronger together - cultural symmetry of HTEC and Mistral
HTEC Culture
Sep 6, 2022

What Connects Us: The Cultural Symmetry Fueling the Shared Future of HTEC and Mistral

In the public eye, mergers and acquisitions take place only for a brief moment in the spotlight: entity A joins entity B, some big numbers might be mentioned, and that’s the story...

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