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HTEC Group: Engineering and Delivery Team Meetup: 2021 Year in Review
Industry Insights
Dec 28, 2021

Engineering and Delivery Team Meetup: 2021 Year in Review

As the end of the year is approaching, we are looking back on our past achievements and looking forward to our new victories in the upcoming year. And 2021 has been a busy year. It ushe...
PM/SM Handbook: A Guide for Project Managers and Scrum Masters in HTEC Group 
Industry Insights
Dec 23, 2021

PM/SM Handbook: A Guide for Project Managers and Scrum Masters at HTEC Group 

It is often expected from project managers to be multidisciplinary, communication magicians, coping with challenges in all fields. And what happens when something creaks even with the...
HTEC Group: Marko Pavlovic Dragan Vukelic - Project Mamagement Certification
Industry Insights
Dec 9, 2021

HTEC Project Management Level Up: From Knowledge to Excellence  

Knowledge has always been and will continue to be one of the key differentiators when it comes to driving organizational performance. With new ways of working, advanced technologie...
HTEC Group: Interview with Igor Licanin
Industry Insights
Dec 3, 2021

“Cars will never stop being a highly personal experience” — An interview with Igor Ličanin, Engineering Lead at HTEC Group

“Electric vehicles, and autonomous driving, which is still a dream for all OEMs, will change everything and have a massive impact on all industries no matter whether they are ...
Industry Insights
Nov 30, 2021

[Tech Forward Webinar] Enterprise Level Integrations

In the latest Tech Forward episode, we hosted two of our fantastic colleagues Milos Bozic, Senior Engineering and Delivery Lead, and Jozsef Kovacs, Technical Team Lead. They were happy...
BigFive-Jammcard case
Industry Insights
Nov 26, 2021

Jammcard Case: How Technology Has Changed Music  

How has technology changed the music industry? The world is changing at an enormous speed, and the COVID-19 has only accelerated this pace. We are true believers that businesses should...
Car Security Blog Assets
Industry Insights
Nov 17, 2021

Safety Reimagined: How ADAS Empowers Collision-Free Future  

It only takes a second: A message on your phone or a child distracting you in the backseat of your car, and, before you know it, your car crashed into the back of the vehicle that sudde...
HTEC photo placeholder
Industry Insights
Nov 2, 2021

[Tech Forward Webinar] Full-stack GraphQL Experience 

In this Tech Forward webinar, Mario Petrovic, Technical Lead & Frontend Developer, Dino Rac, Quality Assurance Engineer, and Nikola Vukadinov, Java Engineer, dived deeper into th...
HTEC Group Milan Milenkovic — Internet of Things: Concepts and System Design
Industry Insights
Nov 1, 2021

Webinar: Internet of Things — Concepts and System Design 

We’re excited to share that Dr Milan Milenkovic, director of IoTsense, consultant company for strategy and development of IoT technology with headquarters in San Francisco, and a con...

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