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Why Edge Computing is a Defining Moment for Telco - HTEC Group
Industry Insights
Sep 22, 2022

Why Edge Computing is a Defining Moment for Telco  

After years of hype, edge is coming to the stage in all its blaze and glory as telcos start leveraging 5G and shift to cloud and virtualized architectures to modernize their networks.&n...
Industry Insights
Sep 15, 2022

AI at Scale: How Media Companies Can Make Every Customer Feel like the Only Customer

Data is everywhere — true or fake, captivating or boring, irrelevant or essential. But people are time sensitive — they don’t want to waste their time on irrelevant ne...
HTEC Group Freek Roelofs
Industry Insights
Sep 14, 2022

“Technology should enable simplicity and simplicity leads to trust” — Interview with Freek Roelofs, Part 1 

“I would say that the three up-to-date trends affecting financial institutions in the Benelux region and every Western European bank are fraud detection, anti-money laundering, an...
HTEC Group OrbitMI Lessons Learned when building an enterprise maritime platform
Industry Insights
Aug 31, 2022

Key Lessons Learned from Building an Enterprise-Scale Platform for the Maritime Industry

At HTEC Group, we have spent years working devotedly with our partners, trying to solve real-world challenges. We have been quite successful in helping them meet and quite often exceed...
Industry Insights
Aug 17, 2022

“Mobility-as-a-service is both a challenge and an opportunity for cities.” — Interview with Gavrilo Drljaca

Did you know that Helsinki started an ambitious initiative to make private cars completely unnecessary for any city resident by 2025?  Helsinki’s vision represents the next r...
Industry Insights
Aug 10, 2022

How We Leveraged BLE to Build Next-Gen AI-Based Telehealth Solution — Interview with Aleksandra Vojinovic, Android Tech Lead at HTEC Group

Imagine you had the opportunity to work on building a game-changing AI-powered telehealth solution device that will make pregnancy safer, reduce unnecessary outcomes such as C-sections,...
Industry Insights
Jul 27, 2022

ERP Systems in HealthCare: What’s Next? 

More than 95% of hospitals possess an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. However, EHRs have shown to be lacking in easing patient care, especially when they operate in the disj...
HTEC Group Bojan Sukalo Telco Industry
Industry Insights
Jul 14, 2022

“To become tech-driven, telcos will need to launch new products and services quickly, partner rapidly and reinvent themselves.” — Interview with Bojan Šukalo, Director, Engineering and Delivery, at HTEC Group 

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation of telco companies and pushed them past a digital-first tipping point. Telcos are taking on this once-in-...
Industry Insights
Jul 8, 2022

HTEC Round Table: Accelerating Net Zero Event in Review  

  The cost of achieving net zero is estimated at between 0.5% and 0.6% of GDP through to 2050, in the UK, with investment growing from £10bn in 2020 to £50bn in 2050&nb...

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