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Key HTEC Insights From 2020: A Year in Articles

The recently departed 2020 has been _____________ (insert your own preferred adjective — hint: challenging, trying, illustrious, etc.). It has been a year of unprecedented global challenges and ongoing crisis, but also a year of silver linings and encouraging developments that not only promise a resolution of the current hardships but also carve a brighter path forward. 

If we were to view HTEC’s 2020 in a vacuum, it has been the total opposite — we have experienced unprecedented growth, both within our own ranks and in the demand for our services. Of course, HTEC doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and our 2020 has been marked by the pandemic in a variety of ways, from the operational challenges of working from home to the seemingly impossible task of onboarding and integrating a growing team that has nearly tripled in size since the start of the year. 

Like so many others, we have emerged from 2020 a different company, with the main difference being that our changes were more by design and less by circumstance. HTEC Group enters 2021 bigger and stronger than ever, with our sights firmly set on continued growth and expansion for the years to come. 

Through our blog section, we have done our best to capture both the excitement and the mechanisms of our accelerated growth. And while our blog posts can’t capture every little detail of the process, they do paint a broad picture of an extraordinary year we have had. Here is our selection of the key HTEC insights we have shared throughout 2020.

HTEC Acquires Execom to Create a Consulting and Engineering Services Powerhouse

First things first: After years of sustained organic growth, we have finally made our M&A leap by acquiring Execom, a company of 200+ experienced software engineers and a rich and diverse client portfolio. 

How the Acquisition of Execom Power’s HTEC’s Expansion Plans

The why: The decision to acquire Execom made sense on virtually every account: technical expertise, markets, organizational culture — all of it was highly complimentary, and this article details the full reasoning behind the decision and the multitude of wins for HTEC. 

HTEC Features: Andrew Mc Gee

Into the Midwest: Our growth strategy in 2020 was not only focused on the expansion of our internal technical capacities, but also on the physical expansion of HTEC onto new geographic territories and markets. As a regional hub for MedTech and retail with a vibrant startup scene, Minnesota was identified as a high priority target, and our colleague Andrew McGee was entrusted with this expansion initiative. You can learn a bit more about Andrew through this article. 

Impressions from the Embedded World Conference

Postcard from the old world: With Covid-19 already announcing the seriousness of its intents back in February 2020, some of our HTEC colleagues took one of the last opportunities to attend an industry event in the physical world and come back to share their insights from the realm of embedded technology. 

Discover Retail Initiatives Worth Investing In

A changing industry: The retail industry has been severely impacted by the consequences of the pandemic, but it has also displayed a high degree of adaptability and speed in harnessing technology to try and respond to the growing challenges. Through our Retail Reloaded series of articles, we dove deep into the latest industry developments to assess its current state and see where it is headed. 

HTEC Features: Niko Slavnic

Championing growth: 2020 has seen a number of key reinforcements to HTEC’s leadership team. One of them is Niko Slavnic, an entrepreneurial and marketing thought leader with more than two decades of experience in accelerated growth. This article introduces Niko as a member of HTEC and details both his professional journey and his vision for the company going forward. 

Cloud-based Architecture: A Success Story

The essence: With all the events and developments in and around HTEC, we did our best not to lose track of the foundation of our success — the technological mastery. This article is one insight into our passion for technology and our pursuit of excellence in our professional work. 

Platformization 2021: Is Your Business Platform-ready

Diving deeper: Just to stress how relevant and insightful our Retail Reloaded campaign has been, we’re adding another article to the list, this one dealing with the current topic of platformization and HTEC’s take on the subject. Seriously, if you have any interest in retail, do yourself a favor and read these articles!

HTEC Features: Katarina Urosevic

Internal affairs: Joining HTEC towards the end of the year as a Chief of Staff and Portfolio Manager, Katarina Urosevic is a valuable addition to our leadership, tasked with ensuring that the different components of our ever-growing system collaborate smoothly and efficiently. Get to know Katarina through this article. 

For Resilient Businesses like HTEC, 2020 Was the Year of Prosperity

Capping off the list is an in-depth reflection on our year and all the key events. If this list was a trailer, the end-of-the-year article would be a feature film, providing a comprehensive view of a defining year for HTEC. 

With one final wave of the hand to the year passed, we turn our sights to the year ahead. We are looking forward to a busier and even more eventful year that will see HTEC continue to grow towards the realization of its fullest potential. We hope you will accompany us on our journey. 

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