Saša Bungin

LabTech and Instrumentation Lead


Seasoned senior Engineering and Delivery Manager devoted to pioneering LabTech solutions

Saša Bungin, LabTech, and Instrumentation Lead, has passionately devoted the majority of his career to pioneering LabTech solutions.

With a wealth of experience in the LabTech domain, Sasa possesses an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and cutting-edge technologies that shape the future of Lab and instrumentation. Leading a dynamic and expanding team, he has played a pivotal role in numerous projects, ranging from developing cutting-edge software for controlling analytical devices and establishing a network of analytical devices to integrating artificial intelligence for enhanced device interconnectivity. As a forward-thinking professional, Sasa continues to explore and implement innovative solutions that will redefine the landscape of LabTech and instrumentation.  


Saša Bungin, experts, HTEC Group

LabTech and Instrumentation

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